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  1. Vital Resources for Coursework 5 items
    These resources should be included in your reference list.
    1. Historic England

      Website  You will need to use this resource to research Listed Buildings in your Character Area

    2. Information Exchanges: RIBA Plan of Work 2013 Guide - Richard Fairhead 2014

      Book  Useful for understanding Stage 0 and Stage 1 which aligns to Element 010 and 011 of your coursework. Architectural Technology students will also use this book for Design Procedures in Semester 2. It is important that all students are familiar with the RIBA Plan of Work for employability.

    3. Briefing: A Practical Guide to RIBA Plan of Work 2013 Stages 7, 0 and 1 (RIBA Stage Guide) - Paul Fletcher, Hilary Satchwell 2015

      Book  More details which will be helpful to assist you on the requirements for element 010 and 011.

    4. Responsive environments - Ian Bentley, Alan Alcock, Paul Murrain 1985

      Book Essential Reading Really useful source for ideas on how to use headings and simple graphic techniques for townscape appraisals.

    5. Planning Portal - The UK Government's online planning and building regulations resource

      Webpage Essential Reading Vital resource to help you understand the planning system

  2. Background Texts 7 items
    Useful to deepen your understanding on the subject
    1. Experiencing Architecture - Steen Eiler Rasmussen 1962

      Book  Useful and easy to read book on how architecture contributes to the experience of space. Although quite old, the book is well illustrated and is not too difficult to read. Particularly recommended for Architecture students.

    2. The concise townscape - Gordon Cullen 1995 printing (electronic resource)


    3. Townscapes - Gerald Burke 1976


    4. The image of the city - Kevin Lynch c1960


    5. Analysing architecture - Simon Unwin, MyiLibrary 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book  All students should be aware of this and other books by Unwin for his strong graphic techniques and ability to analyse architecture and its elements.

    6. Architecture Oriented Otherwise - David Leatherbarrow 20081201 (electronic resource)


  3. Background reading 17 items
    Useful to deepen your understanding / improve your skills
    1. Consensus design - Christopher Day, Rosie Parnell 2002

      Book Recommended Reading

    2. Design Review - Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment 2006


    3. Graphics for urban design - Bally Meeda, Neil Parkyn, David Stuart Walton 2007


    4. Civilised Streets - Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment 2008


    5. By Design: Urban Design in the planning system - Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment 2000


    6. City sense and city design - Kevin Lynch, Tridib Banerjee, Michael Southworth 1990


    7. Cities for a Small Country - Hebbert, Michael


    8. Cities for a small planet - Richard Rogers 1996


    9. Collage city - Colin Rowe, Fred Koetter 1983


    10. Towards an urban renaissance - Richard George Rogers, Great Britain 1999


    11. Making townscape - Anthony Tugnutt, Mark Robertson 1991


  4. Websites 5 items
    1. Driving Thru Wasteland | A Photographic Exploration of Edgelands and Subtopia

      Website Recommended Reading Very interesting exploration through film. Worth visiting and viewing short films, writing on place/space.