This list relates to the time period Academic Year 2018/19 which ended on 31/08/2019
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  1. Core Text Books 2 items
    1. Doing Research in Political Science: An Introduction to Comparative Methods and Statistics - Paul Pennings, Hans Keman, Jan Kleinnijenhuis 2005 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Reading This is a key text book for the module. You should use this to do background reading. Especially look at chapter on the Comparative Approach Theory and Method.

    2. Comparative politics 2017, ©2017

      Book Recommended Reading This is an alternative text book for the module and students can buy this if they wish to.

  2. Introductory and Background Reading 11 items
    1. The Oxford handbook of political institutions - R. A. W. Rhodes, Sarah A. Binder, Bert A. Rockman 2008

      Book Essential Reading This volume has some relevant chapters on the core topics for this module. See Chapt 11 & 12 on Constitutions; Chapter 13 on Federalism, Chapt 16 on Executives - The American Presidency; Chapt 17 for Executives in Parliamentary Government; Chapt 18 Comparing Executive-legislative Relations; Chapt 20 on the Welfare State; Chapters 23,24,25,26 also relevant. Chapt 28 on Parties and Chapt 29 on Electoral Systems. This is a good text book giving a grounding for the key topics in this module. Download the pdf chapters you are interested in or read online.

    2. Nations and Nationalism since 1780: Programme, Myth, Reality - E J Hobsbawm 1992

      Book Essential Reading You will be required to read CHAPTER ONE for Week Three but try to read more.

    3. Parliamentary versus presidential government - Arend Lijphart c1992

      Book Essential Reading A. Lijphart, ‘Introduction’, in Lijphart (ed), Parliamentary versus Presidential Government (Oxford University Press, 1992), pp. 1-27.

    4. Presidentialism, parliamentarism, and democracy - Jos©♭ Ant©þnio Cheibub 2007

      Book Recommended Reading

    5. The politics of electoral systems - Michael Gallagher, Paul Mitchell 2008, c2005

      Book Essential Reading

    6. The principles of representative government - Bernard Manin 1997

      Book Essential Reading Chapter 6

    7. Political parties and democratic linkage: how parties organize democracy - Russell J. Dalton, David M. Farrell, Ian McAllister 2013

      Book Background Reading Chapter 9

    8. NGOs, civil society, and the public sphere - Sabine Lang 2014

      Book Recommended Reading Chapter 1-3

    9. NGOs, political protest, and civil society - Carew Boulding 2016

      Book Recommended Reading Chapter 2

    10. Mediated politics: communication in the future of democracy - W. Lance Bennett, Robert M Entman 2001

      Book Background Reading

    11. Orientalism - Edward W. Said 2003

      Book Essential Reading You are required to read this for Week Nine so start early in the semester and try to grasp some of the main ideas that this book is advancing. Read reviews and critiques of this book.

  3. Week One - Introduction to Module & Objects of Comparison 3 items
    1. Philosophical Investigations - Ludwig Wittgenstein 1967

      Book Essential Reading The module leader will provide a photocopy of the reading - it consists of very short paragraphs. Please check Canvas for the PDF

    2. A System of Logic: Ratiocinative and Inductive 7th Edition, Vol. II - Mill, John Stuart

      Document Essential Reading Module Leader will provide pdf - look on CANVAS. This is the second volume of Mill's work on Logic. It is a vast study and the idea of reading some of this is to look at where the ideas for comparative method have originated from. Have a look at Chapters VI and VII and look up some of the concepts he uses and compare with discussions in the Introduction and methods sections in Paul Pennings et al (ebook) and essential reading for this module.

  4. Week Two - Method and Theories 2 items
    1. Political Science Methodology: Opening Windows across Europe... and the Atlantic - Benoît Rihoux, Bernhard Kittel and Jonathon W. Moses 2008

      Article Recommended Reading

  5. Week Three - Political Systems I Nation-state and democracy 3 items
    1. Nations and nationalism since 1780: programme, myth, reality - E J Hobsbawm 1992

      Book Essential Reading Think about the conception of our modern day political systems.

    2. Imagined communities: reflections on the origin and spread of nationalism - Benedict R. O'G. Anderson 2006

      Book Recommended Reading

    3. Africa in review 2018: Electoral politics, social stability and the need for genuine economic development | Kimpa Vita Press & Publishers

      Webpage Recommended Reading This is a nice overview of some of the political challenges for African states in 2019.

  6. Week Four - Political Systems II - Constitutions and the Legislature 4 items
    1. The Endurance of National Constitutions

      Document Essential Reading Read the short introduction. Try to read other chapters too.

    2. English translation of Magna Carta

      Webpage Essential Reading Take notes of key ideas and concepts from this record

    3. The first, unitary constitution |

      Webpage Recommended Reading Really interesting summary here of the formation of a new modern federal state of Belgium and forging of the constitution.

    4. Iran's 1906 Constitution | Foundation for Iranian Studies

      Webpage Recommended Reading The 1906 Iranian Constitution (was influenced by the Belgian constitution in content).

  7. Week Five - Political Systems III Executive Structures and Power of Government 9 items
    1. Comparative politics 2017, ©2017

      Book Recommended Reading Please read CHAPTER EIGHT: GOVERNMENTS AND BUREAUCRACIES in Daniele Caramani's text book.

    2. Political institutions under dictatorship - Jennifer Gandhi c2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Reading Please read CHAPTER ONE

    3. Does Oil Hinder Democracy? - Ross, Michael L.

      Article Essential Reading

    4. Middle East authoritarianisms: governance, contestation, and regime resilience in Syria and Iran - Steven Heydemann, Steven Heydemann, Reinoud Leenders 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading Especially interesting are CHAPTERS ONE AND NINE

    5. Syria and the Future of Authoritarianism - Syria and the Future of Authoritarianism

      Article Recommended Reading

    6. Direct presidential elections: a world summary - André Blais, Louis Massicotte, Agnieszka Dobrzynska 12/1997

      Article Essential Reading

    7. Presidentialism, parliamentarism, and democracy - Jos©♭ Ant©þnio Cheibub 2007

      Book Recommended Reading

    8. Perry Anderson · Bolsonaro’s Brazil · LRB 7 February 2019

      Webpage Recommended Reading This is a fascinating read about Brazil and touches on issues re the constitution, parliamentary politics, party politics, corruption, and political thought.

    9. Algerians mock ‘dead’ president as he seeks re-election

      Webpage Recommended Reading Algeria's president seeking fifth term in office (2019)

  8. Week Six - Is the Party over? Party Politics and Citizen Representation 6 items
    1. Who Gets What, When, How – Through Which Electoral System? - Rein Taagepera, Matt Qvortrup 2012-6

      Article Essential Reading

    2. What explains mainstream party decline across Europe? : Democratic Audit

      Webpage Essential Reading Latest research (June 2019) on Party Politics in Europe

    3. Electoral management and the organisational determinants of electoral integrity: Introduction - Toby S James, Holly Ann Garnett, Leontine Loeber, Carolien van Ham 06/2019

      Article Recommended Reading A study on the institutions which oversee elections around the world.

  9. Week Eight - Comparative Studies and The Welfare State 17 items
    1. WHO | Research for universal health coverage: World health report 2013

      Document Essential Reading Browse the report for topics of interest and take good notes (ie focus on a particular health issue or disease and comparative information about different countries in relation to a particular disease).

    2. NHS plc: the privatisation of our health care - Allyson Pollock, Colin Leys 2004

      Book Recommended Reading

    3. The new politics of the NHS: from creation to reinvention - Rudolf Klein 2013

      Book Recommended Reading

    4. Ohio mental health care centers making ‘tough decisions’ on changes to Medicaid payments |

      Webpage Recommended Reading A small case study of mental and psychology unit in Cleveland, Ohio, closed in 2018.

    5. 'A political choice': UN envoy says UK can help all who hit hard times - Patrick Butler 12/11/2018

      Webpage  on Poverty in the UK cf with UN visit to USA in 2017

    6. Even Libertarians Admit Medicare for All Would Save Trillions

      Webpage Recommended Reading Libertarians and the US Medicare system

    7. Capitalism needs a welfare state to survive 20180712

      Webpage Recommended Reading The Economist take - capitalism needs a welfare state to survive

    8. NHS England » NHS Long Term Plan

      Webpage Recommended Reading The government announced its new ten year plan for the NHS in January 2019. Browse content on this link to get an idea of the key assumptions underpinning the Plan and the priorities.

    9. Today - 07/01/2019 - BBC Sounds

      Webpage Recommended Reading Listen to the head of the NHS, Simon Stevens, discussing plans for the government's NHS Ten Year Plan (from around 0810am on this podcast, date: 07/01/19)

  10. Week Nine - Comparative Political Thought: Beyond the Western Liberal Horizon 10 items
    1. Orientalism - Edward W. Said 2003

      Book Essential Reading

    2. Consociationalism: A false remedy prescribed on a misdiagnosis | - Rima Majed

      Webpage Essential Reading This is an example of a critical lens applied to sectarianism as an analysis for the Middle East and the conflicts we witness today. It thus argues against an assumed political system of shared power among sects as an answer to political problems

    3. Narratives of Fear in Syria - Wendy Pearlman 03/2016

      Article Recommended Reading

    4. Assumed to be Universal: The Leap from Data to Knowledge in the - Edward Schatz, Elena Maltseva 07/2012

      Article Recommended Reading

    5. Back to the rough ground: Textual, oral and enactive meaning in comparative political theory - Toby Rollo 23/08/2018

      Article Recommended Reading comparative political theory and responses to intercultural understanding and analysis

    6. Khamsin: Journal of revolutionary socialists of the Middle-East

      Webpage Background Reading communist and socialist leaning writing from the Middle East (during the 1970s/1980s)

  11. Week Ten - Comparing Revolutions 12 items
    1. Poverty and living standards in Iran after the nuclear deal | Tyranny of numbers

      Webpage Essential Reading Analysis on Iran as explanation for the most recent uprisings in Iran.

    2. Theories of revolution reconsidered - Rod Aya 1979-7

      Article Recommended Reading

    3. The “problem space” of the historiography of the 1979 Iranian Revolution - Naghmeh Sohrabi 11/2018

      Article Recommended Reading analysis of the historiography of the 1979 Iranian revolution

  12. Week Eleven - When Democracy Fails, what comes next? 7 items
    1. Green political thought - Andrew Dobson c2000 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    2. Laclau and Mouffe: the radical democratic imaginary - Anna Marie Smith 2003 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading