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  1. Key Texts 5 items
    For definitions of music therapy and useful case studies that will be required for the essay assignment. Also techniques for music improvisation, required for the practical assessment.
    1. The Handbook of Music Therapy - Leslie Bunt, Sarah Hoskyns 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    2. Case studies in music therapy - Kenneth E. Bruscia c1991 (electronic resource)


    3. Improvisation: methods and techniques for music therapy clinicians, educators and students - Tony Wigram, Ebrary, Inc c2004 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Reading Mulitple print copies stocked in library at 781.36 WIG

    4. Music therapy - Rachel Darnley-Smith, Helen M. Patey, MyiLibrary 2003 (electronic resource)

      Book  Multiple print copies stocked in library at 615.85154 DAR

    5. Music therapy: an art beyond words - Leslie Bunt, Brynjulf Stige 2014

      Book Essential Reading

  2. Music Therapy in educational settings 3 items
    1. Arts Therapies in Schools: Research and Practice - Vicky Karkou, Vassiliki Karkou 2009 (electronic resource)


  3. Music Therapy and Autism 3 items
    1. Hullo Object! I destroyed you! - Sandra Brown 2013 (electronic resource)


    2. Sharing Sessions With John - Anna Jones, Amelia Oldfield

      Chapter  reading for week 4

  4. Music Therapy in Adult Psychiatry 4 items
    1. Where analysis meets the arts: the integration of the arts therapies with psychoanalytic theory - Yvonne Searle, Isabelle Streng 2001

      Book  please read Chapter written by Odell-Miller, H “ Music Therapy and its Relationship to Psychoanalysis”

    2. The future of psychoanalytic psychotherapy - Lucy J. King, Rosemary Randall 2003

      Book  please read chapter "Are Words Enough? –Music Therapy as an Influence in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy "

    3. Music therapy and group work: sound company - Alison Davies, Eleanor Richards 2002

      Book  Please read chapter written by Odell-Miller, H One Man’s Journey and the Importance of Time in Music Therapy

  5. Music and the Brain 3 items
    1. Music And The Brain - Norman M. Weinberger 2006-9


    2. Music and the Brain - ROBERT J. ZATORRE 11/2003


  6. Neurorehabilitation 4 items
    1. Music therapy methods in neurorehabilitation: a clinician's manual - Felicity Baker, Jeanette Tamplin, Jeanette Kennelly 2006


    2. Gabby Giffords Finding Voice Through Music Therapy ABC News part 2/3 20/11/2011

      Audio-visual document  Neurologic Music Therapy techniques for rehabilitation of speech.

  7. Music Therapy and Dementia 3 items
    1. Music therapy in dementia care - David Aldridge 2000


  8. Music Therapy with families 2 items
    1. Music therapy with children and their families - Amelia Oldfield, Claire Flower, Ebrary, Inc 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book  Multiple print copies stocked in library at 615.85154083 MUS

  9. Music Therapy with adults with learning disabilities 1 item