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  1. Week One: introduction 4 items
    The following books are all good introductory texts for the module
    1. Performance and identity

      Chapter Essential Reading This is your set reading for Week 1, and should be undertaken following the class.

    2. Performance, identity, and the neo-political subject 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Reading One of the latest books on the politics of identity

    3. Performing difference - Rohini Malik Okon 2004

      Book Background Reading

    4. Theory/theatre: an introduction - Mark Fortier 1997

      Book Background Reading Good background reading on some appropriate theoretical frameworks for your studies

  2. Week Two: National identity 9 items
    1. Land of hope and glory: Jez Butterworth's tragic landscapes - Anna Harpin 03/01/2014

      Article Essential Reading This is your set reading for Week 2, along with the play Jerusalem

    2. Englishness and national culture - Antony Easthope 1999

      Book Background Reading This text does not reference theatre directly but can help with your theoretical framework and analysis when applied to performance examples

    3. Nations and nationalism - Ernest Gellner 2006

      Book Background Reading Another philosophical text

    4. Staging the UK - Jen Harvie 2005

      Book Background Reading An excellent text on the relations between performance and the UK

    5. Theatre & nation - Nadine Holdsworth 2010

      Book Recommended Reading One of this excellent series - a great overview of the issues and some examples from theatre and performance for you to explore

    6. A companion to modern British and Irish drama, 1880-2005 - Mary Luckhurst 2010

      Book Background Reading This is an edited book of various chapters, so you will need to see if there is anything relevant to your interests

    7. The Methuen drama guide to contemporary British playwrights - Martin Middeke, Peter Paul Schnierer, Aleks Sierz 2011

      Book Background Reading Has sections on significant playwrights, so this could be useful for a number of weeks on the module and for other modules too.

    8. Rewriting the nation: British theatre today - Aleks Sierz 2011

      Book Background Reading This is a detailed overview of British theatre over the last 15 years or so. There are interesting sections on topics relevant to our studies

  3. Week Three: Refugees and Migration 7 items
    1. Theatre & migration - Emma Cox 2014

      Book Essential Reading This is your set reading for Week 3, alongside watching The Container, via the Digital Theatre Plus platform

    2. Violence performed: local roots and global routes of conflict - Patrick Anderson, Jisha Menon 2009


    3. Art in the age of terrorism - Graham Coulter-Smith, Maurice Owen 2005


    4. Refugee Performance: Practical Encounters - Michael Balfour 2013 (electronic resource)


    5. Applied theatre: resettlement : drama, refugees and resilience - Michael Balfour, Penny Bundy, Bruce Burton, Julie Dunn 2015


  4. Week Four: Masculinity and Dance 14 items
    1. The Male Dancer: Bodies, Spectacle and Sexuality - Ramsay Burt 1995 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Reading This is your essential reading for this week and covers chapters one and two.

    2. The masculinity studies reader - Rachel Adams, Rachel, David Savran 2002

      Book Background Reading Reader's are a good source of background knowledge and analytical approaches to any subject. Pick chapters to read that interest you and fit with your research agenda

    3. Cultures of masculinity - Tim Edwards 2006 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Reading Another philosophical text

    4. Performing masculinity - Rainer Emig, Antony Rowland 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Reading A text that focuses on ideas of performance and masculinity

    5. An introduction to masculinities - Jack S. Kahn c2009

      Book Background Reading Another philosophical text on masculinities

    6. Misframing men: the politics of contemporary masculinities - Michael S. Kimmel c2010

      Book Background Reading Politics and masculinities - a good source for your theoretical underpinnings

    7. Masculinities in theory: an introduction - Todd W. Reeser 2010

      Book Background Reading The title says it all!

    8. Male trouble: masculinity and the performance of crisis - Fintan Walsh 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading An important text for examining masculinities and performance directly.

    9. Staging masculinities: history, gender, performance - Michael Mangan 2003


    10. When men dance: choreographing masculinities across borders - Jennifer Fisher, Anthony Shay c2009


    11. Sorry I don't dance: why men refuse to move - Maxine Leeds Craig 2014


  5. Week Five: Popular Feminisms 22 items
    1. A good night out for the girls: popular feminisms in contemporary theatre and performance - Elaine Aston, Geraldine Harris (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Reading For your set reading for Week 5, you will need to read the introduction of this book and the chapter titled 'Work, Family, Romance and the Utopian Sensibilities of the Chick Megamusical Mamma Mia!'

    2. An introduction to feminism and theatre - Elaine Aston 1995

      Book Background Reading A good introductory survey to feminism and theatre with an accessible writing style.

    3. Feminist theatre practice: a handbook - Elaine Aston 1999

      Book Background Reading

    4. Feminist futures?: theatre, performance, theory - Elaine Aston, Geraldine Harris 2007

      Book Recommended Reading Lots of interesting essays on feminism and post-feminism in performance and theatre in the contemporary moment

    5. Unmaking mimesis: essays on feminism and theater - Elin Diamond 1997 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Reading Quite a tricky text on Brechtian theory and feminist performance but has some excellent material in it.

    6. The feminist spectator in action: feminist criticism for the stage and screen - Jill Dolan 2013

      Book Background Reading New text on being a feminist spectator

    7. Contemporary women playwrights: into the twenty-first century 2013

      Book Background Reading For those interested in plays and feminism

    8. Contemporary feminist theatres: to each her own - Lizbeth Goodman 1993

      Book  An older text but Goodman is accessible

    9. Volatile bodies: toward a corporeal feminism - Elizabeth Grosz c1994

      Book Background Reading A philosophical text - Grosz is tricky but worth pursuing. Take a look at her other books if you are interested.

    10. Staging femininities: performance and performativity - Geraldine Harris 1999

      Book Recommended Reading An accessible and interesting text

    11. Acting out: feminist performances - Lynda Hart, Peggy Phelan c1993

      Book Recommended Reading Excellent theoretical material on feminism in performance and theatre.

    12. Destabilizing the Hollywood musical: music, masculinity, and mayhem - Kelly Kessler c2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Reading

    13. Feminist theatre and theory - Helene Keyssar 1996

      Book Background Reading A good overview of the issues

    14. A sourcebook of feminist theatre and performance: on and beyond the stage - Martin Carol 1996

      Book Background Reading An edited collection of original performance texts and essays

    15. Meat market: female flesh under capitalism - Laurie Penny 2011

      Book Recommended Reading A popular feminist book about women and capitalism - well worth a read and short too.

    16. Introducing gender and women's studies 2015

      Book Background Reading An introduction to the field - no theatre or performance but will be useful for theoretical approaches

    17. The musical: race, gender and performance - Susan Smith 2005

      Book  Reading musicals and gender

    18. Musical theatre, realism and entertainment - Millie Taylor 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Reading Recent academic writing on musicals

    19. The future of feminism - Sylvia Walby 2011

      Book Background Reading Taking stock of feminism in the contemporary moment

    20. Living dolls: the return of sexism - Natasha Walter 2011

      Book Recommended Reading A brilliant popular feminist book on women in late capitalism and the return of sexism in our culture - very thought provoking!

    21. A problem like Maria: gender and sexuality in the American musical - Stacy Ellen Wolf c2002

      Book Recommended Reading A brilliant academic text on queering musicals

    22. Changed for good: a feminist history of the Broadway musical - Stacy Ellen Wolf 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Reading A re-reading of the history of musicals through a feminist approach

  6. Week Six: Queer Theatre 20 items
    1. Theatre & sexuality - Jill Dolan 2010

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase This is our essential class reading and a great introduction to the key issues

    2. Belle Reprieve - B Bourne, P Shaw, P Shaw, L Weaver

      Chapter Essential Reading This is your set reading for Week 6, along with Theatre & Sexuality by Jill Dolan.

    3. Gender trouble: feminism and the subversion of identity - Judith Butler 2006 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading Butler is a key philosopher on gender and performativity

    4. Bodies that matter: on the discursive limits of "sex" - Judith Butler 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading Another key philosophical text from Butler - she is a hard read but worth sticking with!

    5. Undoing gender - Judith Butler, MyiLibrary 2004 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    6. Feminist and queer performance: critical strategies - Sue-Ellen Case 2009

      Book Recommended Reading Sue-Ellen Case brings together gender theory and performance practice.

    7. Split britches: lesbian practice/feminist performance - Sue-Ellen Case 1996

      Book Recommended Reading An important text if you are interested in the work of Split Britches and lesbian performance

    8. Queer studies: an interdisciplinary reader - Robert J. Corber, Stephen M. Valocchi 2003

      Book Background Reading This reader gathers theoretical essays on queer studies and can be used to underpin your analysis of performance works.

    9. Lesbian and bisexual identities: constructing communities, constructing selves - Kristin G. Esterberg 1997 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Reading Theoretical work on lesbian identity

    10. Putting your daughters on the stage: lesbian theatre from the 1970s to the 1990s - Sandra Freeman 1997

      Book Background Reading Lesbian theatre history from the 1970s to 1990s

    11. Vested interests: cross-dressing and cultural anxiety - Marjorie Garber 1992

      Book Background Reading Key text on transvestism and cross dressing from a social and cultural perspective

    12. Contemporary British queer performance - Stephen Greer 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading An excellent new(isn) book on queer performance with a very good introduction to queer theory.

    13. Space, time, and perversion: essays on the politics of bodies - Elizabeth Grosz 1995

      Book Background Reading Interesting philosophical text on gender identity

    14. Female masculinity - Judith Halberstam 1998

      Book Recommended Reading A brilliant book that is accessible and easy to read

    15. In a queer time and place: transgender bodies, subcultural lives - Judith Halberstam 2005

      Book Recommended Reading Another excellent text from Halberstam on transgender

    16. Queer theory - Iain Morland, Annabelle Willox 2005

      Book Background Reading

    17. A critical introduction to queer theory - Nikki Sullivan 2003

      Book Background Reading

    18. Acts of gaiety: LGBT performance and the politics of pleasure - Sara Warner 2013

      Book Background Reading A current text on LGBT performance and its relation to ideas of 'pleasure'

  7. Week Seven: Trans performance 15 items
    1. Photographic Flashes: On Imaging Trans Violence in Heather Cassils' Durational Art

      Article Essential Reading This is essential preparatory reading for this week

    2. Theorising Queer Performance

      Chapter Essential Reading You will need to read the section titled 'Theorising Queer Performance' for this week.

    3. Trans(per)forming Nina Arsenault: an unreasonable body of work - Judith D. Rudakoff 2012

      Book Background Reading All about transexual Canadian performance artist, Nina Arsenault

    4. In a queer time and place: transgender bodies, subcultural lives - Judith Halberstam 2005


    5. The drag king book - Del LaGrace Volcano, Judith Halberstam 1999

      Book Recommended Reading The book on drag kings and performance

    6. In a queer time and place: transgender bodies, subcultural lives - Judith Halberstam 2005


    7. Gender outlaw: on men, women, and the rest of us - Kate Bornstein 1994 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Reading Book by Kate Bornstein - gender outlaw

    8. Female masculinity - Judith Halberstam 1998


    9. Second skins: the body narratives of transsexuality - Jay Prosser 1998

      Book Recommended Reading

    10. Sex, drag, and male roles: investigating gender as performance - Diane Torr, Stephen J. Bottoms c2010

      Book Recommended Reading

    11. The transgender studies reader 2013


  8. Week Eight: Illness and identity politics 13 items
    1. Performance and the medical body 2016 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Reading This is essential reading - O'Brien's chapter titled 'Cough, Bitch, Cough', p. 129-136

    2. Ball & other funny stories about cancer - Brian Lobel 2012

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase This performance text is essential reading

    3. The scar of visibility: medical performances and contemporary art - Petra Kuppers 2007

      Book Recommended Reading If you are interested in illness and/or disability in performance then you must read Kuppers.

    4. A menopausal gentleman: the solo performances of Peggy Shaw - Peggy Shaw, Jill Dolan 2011

      Book Recommended Reading All about Peggy Shaw's solo performance work, so great if you are interested in lesbian performance

    5. The wounded storyteller: body, illness, and ethics - Arthur W. Frank 1995

      Book Recommended Reading Key text on illness and narrative

    6. Illness: the cry of the flesh - Havi Carel 2008

      Book Background Reading On the philosophy of illness

    7. Screening the body: tracing medicine's visual culture - Lisa Cartwright, Ebrary, Inc c1995 (electronic resource)

      Book Background Reading About medicine and its use of visual culture

    8. Spectacular bodies - Martin Kemp 2000

      Book Background Reading Book about the body in medical and anatomical art through history

    9. The body in pain: the making and unmaking of the world - Elaine Scarry 1985

      Book Background Reading Key philosophical text on pain

    10. Illness as metaphor - Susan Sontag 2001

      Book Recommended Reading

    11. Regarding the pain of others - Susan Sontag 2004

      Book Recommended Reading Brilliant short essay on how we look at those in pain

    12. Teratologies. a cultural study of cancer - Jackie Stacey 1997

      Book Recommended Reading

  9. Week Nine: Race and Performance 31 items
    1. Bamboozled (DVD, 2000) - Spike. Lee

      Audio-visual document Suggested for Student Purchase

    2. Spike Lee - Todd McGowan 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Reading Read 'Disturbing the Spectator', pp.120-134

    3. Bamboozled - Paoletta, Michael


    4. Critical race theory and Bamboozled - Alessandra Raengo 2016

      Book Essential Reading

    5. Spike Lee: interviews - Spike Lee, Cynthia Fuchs c2002

      Book Recommended Reading

    6. Raising Cain: blackface performance from Jim Crow to hip hop - W T Lhamon 1998

      Book Essential Reading

    7. Michael Jackson and the Blackface Mask - Harriet J. Manning 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Reading

    8. The Spike Lee reader - Paula J. Massood 2008

      Book Recommended Reading

    9. Theatre & race - Harvey Young 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Reading

    10. Do the Right Thing (DVD) - Spike. Lee 1989

      Audio-visual document Suggested for Student Purchase

    11. Do the right thing - Ed Guerrero 2001

      Book Recommended Reading

    12. Spike Lee's Do the right thing - Mark Reid 1997

      Book Recommended Reading

    13. When the Levees Broke - Spike. Lee 2006

      Audio-visual document Recommended Reading

    14. Malcolm X (DVD) - Spike. Lee 1992

      Audio-visual document Recommended Reading

    15. Sacrificing Race - Jon Pahl

      Chapter Recommended Reading

    16. Autobiography and Black Identity Politics: Racialization in Twentieth-Century America - Kenneth Mostern, Timothy Brennan 1999 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    17. Concept of Self: A Study of Black Identity and Self-Esteem - Richard Allen 2001 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    18. Let's get it on: the politics of black performance - Ugwu Catherine 1995

      Book Recommended Reading

    19. Colouring whiteness: acts of critique in Black performance - Faedra Chatard Carpenter 2014

      Book Recommended Reading

    20. Black Cultural Traffic: Crossroads in Global Performance and Popular Culture - Harry J. Elam, Kennell Jackson 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    21. African American Life Series : From Bourgeois to Boojie : Black Middle-Class Performances - Vershawn Ashanti Young, Bridget Harris Tsemo, Jeanette Berry 20110401 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    22. Beyond Blackface: African Americans and the Creation of American Popular Culture, 1890-1930 - W. Fitzhugh Brundage, W. Fitzhugh Brundage 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading

    23. Blackface - David Levinthal, Manthia Diawara 1999

      Book Recommended Reading

    24. Blacks in blackface: a sourcebook on early black musical shows - Henry T. Sampson 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended Reading