This list relates to the time period Academic Year 2018/19 which ended on 31/08/2019
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  1. Books 8 items
    1. Management teams: why they succeed or fail - R. M. Belbin, MyiLibrary 2010 (electronic resource)


    2. Evidence-based public health - Ross C. Brownson, Elizabeth A. Baker, Anjali D. Deshpande, Kathleen N. Gillespie 2017 (electronic resource)


    3. Library search

      Website  Use library search to search and access more books on public health, reflection/reflective practice, evidence based health and teamwork

  2. Journals and articles 4 items
    1. The Public Health Practitioner of the Future. 2017

      Article  From the American Journal of Public Health. Available via library and CINAHL database

    2. Leadership and meaningful work in the public sector - Leadership and Meaningful Work in the Public Sector.(Report)(Author abstract)


  3. Websites and documents 9 items
    1. Mapping the core public health workforce - The Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) 2014


  4. Help 2 items