This list relates to the time period Semester 1, 2014/15 which ended on 05/01/2015
This list has been archived
  1. Key Text 1 item
    1. Gateway to land law: how to think and reason like a land lawyer - Nicola Jackson 2012

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase Concepts are well-explained and an amount of theory/discussion is built into each topic. This is a style you will encounter in class. You are also encouraged to consult the supplementary texts listed below (most of which are available through the Library) to help your understanding of topics that may not be adequately explained in this key text.

  2. Books 6 items
    1. Land law directions - Sandra Clarke, Sarah Greer 2010

      Book Essential Reading Quite a good text for exploring the basics, with lots of visual aids and diagrams etc. Excellent additional online support resources.

    2. Land law - Kevin J. Gray, Susan Francis Gray 2011

      Book Recommended Reading Easily the best land law textbook in terms of content, coverage and detail. Little in the way of visual aids however, and can seem a little dense and difficult for some students. An excellent book for wider perspectives and coursework.

    3. Great debates in property law - David Cowan, Lorna Fox O'Mahony, Neil Cobb May 2016

      Book Recommended Reading This text is relatively inexpensive but contains vital critical analysis of the big issues in land law – really helpful for tutorials and coursework preparation.

    4. Textbook on land law - Judith-Anne MacKenzie, Mary Phillips 2014

      Book Background Reading Again, another text that uses a fictional case study to illustrate the key principles of land law. Also accompanied by a free Online Resource Centre (

    5. Blackstone's statutes on property law, 2016-17 August 2016

      Book Background Reading Good companion text with up-to-date legislation relevant to land law.

    6. Making sense of land law - April Stroud 2013

      Book Recommended Reading Very clear progression through problem-solving techniques in land law with excellent diagrams and visual aids. Little in the way of theory or policy debate however.

  3. Journals 11 items
    It is important that you draw from material contained in academic journals. These journals are available in the Digital Library. For assistance please speak to the library team. Students will be directed to read specific journal articles in assisting with their comprehension of course material and to prepare for tutorials. Some will be digitised and included in the tutorial reading section of the VLE for each week. These are some relevant titles:
  4. Websites 7 items
    Students are advised to utilise the legal databases to find relevant journal articles, case law and legislation. Additional reading will be recommended weekly in class or on the VLE. Some of these resources include:
    1. Westlaw UK

      Website Recommended Reading

    2. HeinOnline

      Website Recommended Reading