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  1. Key texts 4 items
    1. Social research methods - Alan Bryman 2016

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase This is probably the best resource for web-based research as well as providing full coverage of other areas of research.

    2. Researching social life 2015

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase

    3. Doing qualitative research: a practical handbook - David Silverman 2013

      Book Recommended Reading An engaging and well-written introduction to qualitative research.

    4. Doing a successful research project: using qualitative or quantitative methods - Martin Davies, Nathan Hughes 2014

      Book Background Reading

  2. Week One - Introduction; Qualitative Research 2 items
  3. Week Two - Literature Reviews 2 items
    1. The effect of police presence on public fear reduction and satisfaction: A review of the literature - Jihong “Soloman” Zhao, Matthew Schneider, Quint Thurman 01/2002

      Article Essential Reading

  4. Week Three - Reflexivity and Ethical Issues 3 items
  5. Week Four - Practical Interview Skills 1 item
  6. Week Five - Analysing Qualitative Data 3 items
  7. Week Six - Document-Based Research 2 items
  8. Week Seven - Quantitative Methods: Devising Surveys 3 items
  9. Week Eight - Carrying Out Surveys 2 items
  10. Week Nine - Big Data and Quantitative Analysis 3 items
  11. Week Ten - Triangulation 2 items
  12. Research methods: a practical guide for the social sciences - Bob Matthews, Liz Ross 2010

    Book Recommended Reading Available online.