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  1. Books 4 items
    1. Research methods in psychology - Dennis Howitt, Duncan Cramer 2017

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase 4th Edition is also fine - content almost identical; However 4th ed is titled " Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology"

    2. Introduction to statistics in psychology - Dennis Howitt, Duncan Cramer 2014 (electronic resource)


    3. Basic statistics for psychologists - Marc Brysbaert 2011

      Book Recommended Reading

    4. How to design and report experiments - Andy P. Field, Graham Hole 2003

      Book Background Reading This is a useful tool for your research report assessment, and also contains some useful material for your Exam and Portfolio questions.

  2. Web Resources 5 items
    1. Study Skills Plus

      Webpage Recommended Reading Some study skills information

    2. Probability and statistics | Khan Academy

      Webpage Recommended Reading This is a useful resourse to revise some statistical concepts

    3. Howell's Fundamentals and Seeing Statistics

      Webpage Recommended Reading Some great applets to play around with. Covering correlation and regression, as well as tests of difference - you should have some fun with this one!

    4. BBC - GCSE Maths

      Webpage Background Reading Revision of GCSE level maths

    5. BBC - Skillswise - Numbers

      Webpage Background Reading Help with the basics in numeracy