1. Week 1: Introduction 2 items
    1. Influence : science and practice - Robert B Cialdini 2014

      Book Suggested for Student Purchase

    2. For the seminar: Read Any article of your choice which investigates social context in consumer behaviour. (Be prepared to report on it)

  2. Week 2: Social influence techniques and consumer behaviour 2 items
    1. Social Influence: Compliance and Conformity - Robert B. Cialdini, Noah J. Goldstein 02/2004

      Article Recommended Reading

    2. Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Seventeen Cents? Mindful Persuasion and the Pique Technique1 - Michael D. Santos, Craig Leve, Anthony R. Pratkanis 05/1994

      Article Recommended Reading

  3. Week 3: The Body in Consumer Culture 1 item
  4. Week 4: Personality and Consumer Behaviour 2 items
    1. Dimensions of Brand Personality - Jennifer L. Aaker 08/1997

      Article Recommended Reading

    2. Brand personality: A meta-analytic review of antecedents and consequences - Martin Eisend, Nicola E. Stokburger-Sauer 2013-9

      Article Essential Reading

  5. Week 5: Persuasion processes in advertising 2 items
    1. The elaboration likelihood model: review, critique and research agenda - Philip J. Kitchen, Gayle Kerr, Don E. Schultz, Rod McColl 04/11/2014

      Article Essential Reading

  6. Week 6: Gender and Advertising 3 items
    1. Gender stereotypes in advertising: a review of current research - Stacy Landreth Grau

      Article Recommended Reading Available here:

  7. Week 7: Social perception in global branding & advertising 2 items
  8. Week 8: Applied Consumer Psychology: The ‘Pink pound’ example 2 items
    1. Consumer Tribes - Bernard Cova, Robert Kozinets, Avi Shankar 2011

      Book Essential Reading

  9. Week 9: Applied Consumer Psychology: As practiced at Unilever 4 items
    1. Perceived preservation format and food preference - Robert Hurling, Karen J. Martin 11/2005

      Article Recommended Reading

    2. Eating with your eyes: effect of appearance on expectations of liking - Robert Hurling, Richard Shepherd 10/2003

      Article Recommended Reading

  10. Week 10: Applied Consumer Psychology: Charitable giving & Morality 2 items
    1. I don’t want the money, I just want your time: How moral identity overcomes the aversion to giving time to prosocial causes. - Reed, Americus II, Kay, Adam, Finnel, Stephanie, Aquino, Karl, Levy, Eric 2016

      Article Essential Reading

  11. Wks 11-12: Student Presentations 1 item
    1. In this session students will present on a subject of their choice commensurate with the content of this module. See below for coursework instructions.

      Key Reading: Reading for your presentation and portfolio.

      Additional/recommended reading:


      Solomon, M. R. (2012). Consumer behaviour: Buying, having, and being. (10th ed.). London: Pearson Education.