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  1. Key Text 2 items
    1. Forensic science - Andrew R. W. Jackson, Julie M. Jackson 2011

      Book  This book is a good basic guide for all areas of this module, from crime scenes, analytical work, and giving evidence in court. [Library note: The e-book version is restricted to one person at a time because of changes enforced by the publisher. To help other students, please download the book and read it offline. If reading online, please try and keep reading times short]. We have several print copies of this on the shelf at 363.25 JAC]

  2. Books 4 items
    These books also provide good general information on a variety of techniques.
    1. Forensic science: an introduction to scientific and investigative techniques - James, Stuart H., Nordby, Jon J. 2009


    2. Practical skills in forensic science - Alan Langford 2005 (electronic resource)

      Book  [Library note: we have several print copies of this at 363.25 PRA]

    3. Introduction to statistics for forensic scientists - David Lucy, MyiLibrary c2005 (electronic resource)


  3. Websites 2 items
    These websites provide good information about the basics of light microscopy and other specialised microscopy.