This list relates to the time period Academic Year 2018/19 which ended on 31/08/2019
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  1. Week One 1 item
    1. Debating globalization - David Held 2005

      Book Essential Reading The first chapter, 'Globalization: The Dangers and the Answers', has been digitised. Due to copyright restrictions the library is not able to digitise the second chapter by Martin Wolf. This is also essential reading to get a handle on some of the major global debates of this century.

  2. Week Two 3 items
    1. The End of History? - Francis Fukuyama

      Webpage Essential Reading

    2. The global transformation: history, modernity and the making of international relations - Barry Buzan, George Lawson 2015

      Book Essential Reading Please read ‘Chapter Nine: From "Centred Globalism" to "Decentred Globalism"', pp 273 – 304.

    3. Issues in 21st century world politics - Mark Beeson, Nick Bisley 2013

      Book Essential Reading Please read ‘Globalisation and Statehood’, pp. 17 - 32.

  3. Week Three 4 items
    1. Bad Samaritans: the guilty secrets of rich nations and the threat to global prosperity - Ha-Joon Chang 2008

      Book Essential Reading Please read 'Chapter One: The Lexus and the Olive Tree Revisited’,

  4. Week Four 4 items
    1. China and the transformation of global capitalism - Ho-fung Hung c2009

      Book Essential Reading Please read 'Introduction: The Three Transformations Of Global Capitalism', pp. 1 - 21.

    2. The Coming Chinese Crack Up - David Shambaugh

      Webpage Essential Reading

    3. The writing on the wall: China and the west in the 21st century - Will Hutton 2008

      Book Essential Reading Please read chapter one, 'The Last Great Powers’.

  5. Week Five 3 items
    1. State of the Union Address, 2002 - George W. Bush

      Document Essential Reading

    2. The clash of civilizations and the remaking of world order - Samuel P. Huntington 2002

      Book Essential Reading

    3. The Muslims are coming!: Islamophobia, extremism, and the domestic war on terror - Arun Kundnani 2014

      Book Essential Reading Please read chapter two, 'The Politics of Anti-Extremism’.

  6. Week Six 3 items
  7. Week Seven 1 item
    1. There is no lecture or seminar this week - the module leader will offer one-to-one formative meetings where you can discuss your draft assessment for this module and any other matters you wish to.

  8. Week Eight 6 items
    1. Human rights in global politics - Timothy Dunne, Nicholas J. Wheeler 1999

      Book Essential Reading Please read Ken Booth, 'Three Tyrannies', pp. 31 – 70.

    2. The politics of human rights: a global perspective - Tony Evans 2005

      Book Essential Reading Please read Tony Evans, 'The Politics of Universal Human Rights', pp. 12 – 34.

    3. David Mepham obituary - Julian Borger 07/11/2018

      Webpage Recommended Reading Ethical Foreign Policy? An obit for the architect of the UK's attempt at an ethical FP led by Robin Cook

    4. On the ambivalent politics of human rights - Ayten Gündoğdu 10/2018

      Article Recommended Reading political theory and human rights

  9. Week Nine 6 items
    1. The financial crisis: who is to blame? - H. Davies 2010

      Book Essential Reading Please read chapter one, 'The Big Picture', pp. 7 – 24.

    2. Meltdown: the end of the age of greed - Paul Mason 2010

      Book Essential Reading Please read chapter two, 'Hyperdrive Blitzkrieg: Wall Street Hubris Kills the Bailout, Enrages America’, pp. 22 – 36.

    3. Neoliberalism has conned us into fighting climate change as individuals - Martin Lukacs 17/07/2017

      Webpage  critique of neoliberal, individuated responses to climate change

    4. Defining My Own Oppression | Historical Materialism

      Webpage Recommended Reading neoliberalism, oppression, victimhood

  10. Week Ten 5 items
    1. Occupy - Noam Chomsky 2012

      Book Essential Reading Please read, 'Occupy: Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture’.

    2. Beyond capitalism?: the future of radical politics - Luke Cooper, Simon Hardy 2012

      Book Essential Reading Please read ‘2011: Protest and Power’.

    3. Declaration - Michael Hardt, Antonio Negri c2012

      Book Essential Reading

    4. Populists are on the rise but this can be a moment for progressives too | Chantal Mouffe - Chantal Mouffe 10/09/2018

      Webpage Recommended Reading leading political theorist Chantal Mouffe on the required response to Right populism

  11. Week Eleven 8 items
    1. Author of the Month: Nawal El Saadawi | Booklists | London Review Bookshop

      Webpage Recommended Reading Egyptian feminist Nawal El Saadawy - bibliography of work translated into English

    2. Feminism - Margaret Walters 2005

      Book Essential Reading Please read chapter nine, 'Second Wave Feminism: The Late 20th Century’.

    3. Gender trouble: feminism and the subversion of identity - Judith Butler 2006

      Book Essential Reading Please read ‘Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire’, pp. 1 - 46.

    4. Have a look at this link to hear from Egypt's leading feminist (via Channel Four 


    5. Gender, sexuality, power |

      Webpage Recommended Reading Feminism in the Middle East - one of a series of articles on this scholarly website

    6. Verso

      Webpage Recommended Reading

  12. Week Twelve 6 items
    1. Challenges and Solutions for Climate Change - Wytze van der Gaast, Katherine Begg 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential Reading Please read chapter one, 'Placing Climate Actions in a Wider Sustainable Development Context', pp. 1 – 28.

    2. New outlook on global warming: Best prepare for social collapse, and soon | MinnPost

      Webpage Recommended Reading Deep Green Resistance - prepare for social collapse?

  13. There is an alternative to neoliberalism – in Britain and beyond | openDemocracy

    Webpage Recommended Reading This gives a good grounding in the idea of neo liberalism (e book can be accessed) in the UK context which can be generalised for the global context and dominance of neoliberal order.