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  1. Books 8 items
    1. Perioperative practice at a glance - Paul Wicker 2015


    2. Clinical Anaesthesia - Carl L Gwinnutt, Matthew Gwinnutt 2012


    3. Drugs in anaesthesia and intensive care - S. P. Smith, Edward Scarth 2016 (electronic resource)


    4. A textbook of perioperative care - Kate Woodhead, Paul Wicker 2005

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    5. Smith and Aitkenhead's textbook of anaesthesia - G. Smith 2013 (electronic resource)

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    6. Essentials of anaesthetic equipment - Baha Al-Shaikh, Simon Stacey 2013 (electronic resource)


  2. Journals 2 items
  3. Weblinks 8 items
    1. WHO | WHO surgical safety checklist and implementation manual

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