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  1. Key Texts 0 items
    Millington, I. and Funge, J. (2009) Artificial intelligence for games. 2nd edn. United States: Elsevier Morgan Kaufmann. Download for free from The techniques are explained in a very accessible way and most are applicable outside the field of games.
  2. Books 2 items
    Coppin, B. and Ben, C. (2004) Artificial intelligence illuminated. Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. <br /><br /> Negnevitsky, M. (2011) Artificial intelligence: A guide to intelligent systems. 3rd edn. Harlow, England: Pearson Education. <br /><br /> Russell, S.J., Norvig, P. and Davis, E. (2009) Artificial intelligence: A modern approach. 3rd edn. United States: Prentice Hall.
    1. Artificial intelligence: a modern approach - Stuart J. Russell, Peter Norvig, Ernest Davis 2016 (electronic resource)


  3. On-Line Resources 5 items
    Daumé, H. (2012) A course in machine learning. Available at: . <br /><br /> Flach, P. (1994) Simply logical intelligent reasoning by example. Available at: . <br /><br /> Gallier, J. (2003) Logic for computer science foundations of automatic theorem proving. Available at: . <br /><br /> Luke, S. (2013) Essentials of Metaheuristics A set of undergraduate lecture notes Second edition. Available at: . <br /><br /> Poole, D. and Mackworth, A. (2010) Artificial intelligence - foundations of computational agents. Available at:
  4. Journals 2 items
    Probably not needed for this module but may be useful in a relevant final year project. International journal of computer games technology 2008 onwards Artificial intelligence (electronic resource)