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Abdominal pain, maternity and fever MOD007142 Module
Addictions and Communicable Disease Management MOD001770 Module
Advanced Pharmaceutics MOD005387 Module
Advancing Professional Decision Making MOD003111 Module
Applied Anatomy and Physiology MOD007135 Module
Applied Anatomy and Physiology MOD004209 Module
Applied Food Science MOD006302 Module
Applied Pathophysiology MOD006290 Module
Applied Pharmacology MOD006295 Module
Biomedical Basics MOD005025 Module
Biotechnology MOD006296 Module
Care of the Patient Undergoing Anaesthesia MOD001730 Module
Care of the Patient Undergoing Anaesthesia MOD001684 Module
Cellular and Molecular Biology MOD006283 Module
Chest Pain and Shortness of Breath MOD007138 Module
Clinical and Applied Science in Urological Disease MOD004632 Module
Clinical Consultation and Assessment Skills MOD005260 Module
Clinical Leadership and Service Development MOD004093 Module
Clinical Pharmacology MOD005037 Module
Clinical Pharmacology for Practice MOD004769 Module
Clinical Practice for Surgical Care Practitioners MOD005785 Module
Clinical Practice in Paramedic Science 1 MOD007136 Module
Clinical Practice in Paramedic Science 2 MOD007140 Module
Clinical Practice in Paramedic Science I MOD006040 Module
Clinical Practice in Paramedic Science II MOD006041 Module
Communication and Leadership in Applied Nutritional Science MOD006301 Module
Community Public Health and Evaluation MOD007967 Module
Contemporary Issues inical Science MOD006298 Module
Core Concepts in Learning and Teaching MOD001868 Module
Data Analysis in Public Health Research MOD007246 Module
Data Analysis in Public Health Research MOD005888 Module
Developing Clinical Practice MOD006039 Module
Developing Independent Paramedic Practice MOD006038 Module
Driving Change in Population Health MOD005890 Module
Drug Design and Discovery MOD005388 Module
Drug, Development and Regulatory Affairs MOD005038 Module
Educational Practice for Professional Learning for NMC Registrants MOD001875 Module
Enabling Leadership in Health Care MOD001788 Module
Engagement in the Public Health Community MOD005889 Module
Enhanced Clinical Skills in Perioperative and Critical Care MOD005902 Module
Enhanced Surgical Skills for the Surgical First Assistant MOD006154 Module
Essential Issues in Public Health and Practice MOD001764 Module
Essential Physiological Biochemistry MOD006289 Module
Evaluating Research for Evidence-Based Practice MOD006401 Module
Evidence Based Practice MOD008124 Module
Exploring Aspects of Anatomy and Physiology MOD005898 Module
Finance, Accounting and Marketing in Health Care MOD001787 Module
Foundations of Occupational Therapy Practice MOD008127 Module
Foundations of Physiotherapy Practice MOD008121 Module
Fundamentals of Epidemiology MOD006292 Module
Fundamentals of Nutrition, Drugs, and Metabolism MOD007149 Module
Fundamentals of Patient Assessment and Clinical Decision Making MOD007137 Module
Global Health and Sustainability MOD005885 Module
Global Leadership MOD001781 Module
Health Communication MOD005886 Module
Healthcare Systems MOD005887 Module
Higher Education and the Work Environment MOD001659 Module
Holistic Care of the Surgical Patient MOD001647 Module
Holistic Leadership in the Perioperative Environment MOD008720 Module
How do you disagree with the majority view and still be respected? MOD007976 Module
Human Anatomy and Physiology MOD006284 Module
Human Systems and Disease MOD005882 Module
Impaired Consciousness and Mental Health MOD007141 Module
Introduction to Perioperative Practice MOD001646 Module
Introduction to the Surgical Care Practitioner Role MOD004628 Module
Leadership and Management Skills in Health and Social Care Practice MOD001724 Module
Leadership Practice MOD001697 Module
Leadership Practice in Health and Social Care MOD001743 Module
Major Project MOD004633 Module
Major Project Health Management and Health Informatics MOD004238 Module
Managing People and Processes MOD001698 Module
Medicinal Chemistry and Analytical Techniques MOD005032 Module
Nutrition and Health MOD006299 Module
Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice I MOD008128 Module
Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice II MOD008129 Module
Organisational Transformation in Health and Social Care MOD003146 Module
Patient Assessment and Management 1 (Practice) MOD004878 Module
Patient Assessment and Management 1 (Theory) MOD004877 Module
Patient Assessment and Management II MOD004211 Module
Patient Assessment and Management III MOD004212 Module
Perioperative Advances in Safe and Effective Patient Care MOD001748 Module
Perioperative Pharmacology and Physiology MOD005900 Module
Perspectives in Clinical Nutrition MOD006303 Module
Pharmaceutical Formulations MOD005031 Module
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality Principles MOD005389 Module
Pharmacology for Health Care Practice MOD006073 Module
Physiotherapy Theory and Practice I MOD008122 Module
Physiotherapy Theory and Practice II MOD008123 Module
Planning and Managing Resources MOD001664 Module
Post Anaesthetic and Acute Care MOD001685 Module
Post Anaesthetic and Acute Care MOD004876 Module
Practical Concepts in Anatomy and Physiology MOD005899 Module
Practitioner in Public Health MOD005881 Module
Preparation for Clinical Practice MOD008045 Module
Preparing for Future Practice MOD008125 Module
Principles and Practices of Anaesthesia MOD005897 Module
Principles of Biomedical Science MOD006287 Module
Principles of Food Science MOD006300 Module
Principles of Human Nutrition MOD006286 Module
Principles of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery - Gynaecology MOD001783 Module
Principles of Pharmacology MOD006291 Module
Principles of Pharmacology MOD005030 Module
Professional Practice for Healthcare MOD007139 Module
Professional Role of the Paramedic MOD006072 Module
Promoting Best Practice in the Operating Theatre MOD005901 Module
Promoting Health and Wellbeing MOD005884 Module
Public Health Ethics: Mental Health, Bioethics, and Society MOD007969 Module
Public Health Nutrition and Lifestyle MOD006304 Module
Quality Improvement Project MOD008126 Module
Research and Critical Thinking MOD003143 Module
Research Methodology, Design and Process MOD001742 Module
Research Methods MOD006293 Module
Research Methods MOD005036 Module
Research Proposal MOD007150 Module
Research Studies MOD001774 Module
Responsive Public Health Practitioner MOD005892 Module
Resuscitation skills MOD007143 Module
Scientific Communication and Professional Skills MOD006285 Module
Skills for Study and Research MOD004602 Module
Specialist Case Studies MOD006297 Module
Statistical Analysis in Healthcare MOD004747 Module
Statistics and Epidemiology MOD001768 Module
Strategic Leadership, Management and Commissioning in Public Health MOD007968 Module
Strategic Management and Commissioning MOD003106 Module
Strategic Management in Health and Social Care MOD001744 Module
Strategies to Enhance Health MOD005891 Module
Strategy Health Care Management MOD001786 Module
Surgical Care Practitioner Skills MOD004629 Module
Surgical First Assistant MOD001586 Module
The Assessment and Management of the Acutely Ill Patient 2 MOD004805 Module
The Assessment and Management of the Chronically Ill Patient 2 MOD004806 Module
The Principles and Practices of Anaesthesia MOD001746 Module
Trauma skills MOD007144 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD007727 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD001749 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD004792 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD006294 Module
Understanding Epidemiology MOD005883 Module
Valuing People and Fostering Dignity and Respect MOD003141 Module
Work Based Learning and Professional Skills (Nutrition) MOD005630 Module
Work Based Project 2 MOD001702 Module
Working Collaboratively MOD001660 Module

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