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Name Code Type
Advanced Network Solutions MOD006123 Module
Artificial Intelligence Programming MOD005444 Module
Computer Networks MOD004888 Module
Computer Systems COMP_SYSTEMS Subject
Computer Technology MOD003210 Module
Developing Interactive Web Solutions MOD005431 Module
Digital Data Storage and Transmission MOD004549 Module
E-Business MOD002590 Module
Entrepreneurship in IT MOD004432 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD002677 Module
Independent Learning Module Level 5 MOD002626 Module
Information Science and Security INF_SCI_AND_SEC Subject
Internet Services, Data Analytics and the Cloud MOD006125 Module
Mobile Technology MOD002663 Module
Network Services Engineering and the Internet of Things MOD002598 Module
Network Switching and Routing MOD005619 Module
Object Orientated Modelling and Data Design MOD005618 Module
Programming Concepts MOD005424 Module
Web Development MOD002552 Module

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