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Advanced Analytical Techniques for Artificial Intelligence MOD006563 Module
Advanced Machine Learning MOD006566 Module
Advanced Network Protocols MOD006364 Module
Advanced Network Security Principles MOD002703 Module
Advanced Network Solutions MOD006123 Module
Advanced Networking Technologies MOD006365 Module
Advanced Object Oriented Programming MOD004883 Module
Advanced Time Series Analysis MOD006912 Module
Advanced Web Solutions MOD004364 Module
AI Techniques (Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms) MOD006564 Module
Algorithm Analysis and Data Structures MOD007357 Module
Analytical Techniques MOD007890 Module
Application Development MOD002640 Module
Applications of Machine Learning MOD006567 Module
Applied Data Analysis and Research Methodology MOD007893 Module
Apprenticeship Final Project MOD005629 Module
Apprenticeship Postgraduate Major Project (Blended Learning) MOD006978 Module
Artificial Intelligence MOD004553 Module
Artificial Intelligence - Level 4 MOD007777 Module
Artificial Intelligence - Level 5 MOD007778 Module
Artificial Intelligence - Level 6 MOD007779 Module
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data - Level 7 MOD007794 Module
Artificial Intelligence Programming MOD005444 Module
Artificial Intelligence with Cybersecurity - Level 7 MOD007795 Module
Artificial Neural Networks MOD006561 Module
Cloud Based Application Development and Security MOD005623 Module
Cloud Computing MOD006125 Module
Cloud Development MOD002595 Module
Computational Concepts and Algorithms for Data Science MOD006901 Module
Computer and Network Technologies MOD005614 Module
Computer Graphics Programming MOD006127 Module
Computer Modelling and Simulation MOD006560 Module
Computer Networks MOD004888 Module
Computer Networks - Level 4 MOD007780 Module
Computer Networks - Level 5 MOD007781 Module
Computer Networks - Level 6 MOD007782 Module
Computer Science - Level 4 MOD007783 Module
Computer Science - Level 5 MOD007784 Module
Computer Science - Level 6 MOD007785 Module
Computer Security MOD006610 Module
Computer Systems MOD002580 Module
Computer Systems COMP_SYSTEMS Subject
Computer Systems and Servers MOD002712 Module
Computer Technology MOD003210 Module
Computing Research Methodologies MOD002602 Module
Core Mathematics for Computing MOD004428 Module
Cyber Crime Fundamentals MOD005772 Module
Cyber Operations MOD007133 Module
Cyber Security - Level 4 MOD007787 Module
Cyber Security - Level 5 MOD007788 Module
Cyber Security - Level 6 MOD007789 Module
Cyber Security and AI Case Studies MOD006570 Module
Data Analytics Major Project and Placement MOD007894 Module
Data Application Programming MOD006902 Module
Data Centre and Cloud Infrastructures MOD005714 Module
Data Engineering MOD006906 Module
Data Engineering and Big Data MOD006915 Module
Data Structures and Algorithms MOD002641 Module
Database Application Programming MOD005626 Module
Database Design and Implementation MOD002589 Module
Database-driven Application Programming MOD003233 Module
Deep Learning MOD006565 Module
Deep Learning and Applications MOD006917 Module
Developing Interactive Web Solutions MOD005431 Module
Developing Web Applications MOD002701 Module
Digital & Network Security Forensics MOD006124 Module
Digital Accessibility: Why should it matter to you? MOD007960 Module
Digital Data Storage and Transmission MOD004549 Module
Digital Forensics and Malware Science MOD006611 Module
Digital Security MOD003264 Module
Digital Security Forensics and Malware Investigation MOD005621 Module
Digital Signal Processing MOD002658 Module
Digital Technology Solutions Design Project MOD005620 Module
Distributed Programming MOD006128 Module
DSP Applications and ARM Technology MOD002718 Module
E-Business MOD002590 Module
Embedded Computing MOD007361 Module
Enterprise Analytics MOD005617 Module
Entrepreneurship in IT MOD004432 Module
Ethical Computing MOD004885 Module
Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures MOD003121 Module
Ethical Hacking, Network Security and Incident Response MOD005627 Module
Exploratory Data Analysis MOD006914 Module
Final Project MOD002691 Module
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence MOD006558 Module
Fundamentals of Design MOD002581 Module
Fundamentals of Software Development MOD005613 Module
Fundamentals of Web Development MOD005616 Module
Group Tutorial - Level 4 MOD003788 Module
Group Tutorial - Level 5 MOD003789 Module
Group Tutorial - Level 6 MOD003790 Module
Human Computer Interaction MOD007362 Module
Image Processing MOD002643 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD002677 Module
Independent Learning Module Level 5 MOD002626 Module
Information and Communication Technology - Level 7 MOD007796 Module
Information Science and Security INF_SCI_AND_SEC Subject
Information Security Management and Governance MOD005624 Module
Interaction and Usability MOD002591 Module
Introduction to Data Science and Programming MOD006900 Module
Introduction to Mathematical Techniques for Artificial Intelligence MOD006559 Module
Introduction to Programming MOD003212 Module
Introduction to Relational Database Development MOD007992 Module
Introduction to System Architecture and Automation MOD007355 Module
Machine Learning MOD006562 Module
Machine Learning and Data Engineering Bootcamp MOD006907 Module
Machine Learning Techniques MOD006916 Module
Mathematics and Statistics MOD006899 Module
Network and IT Infrastructures MOD005628 Module
Network Modelling and Simulation MOD003563 Module
Network Routing MOD003262 Module
Network Routing and Switching Essentials MOD005342 Module
Network Security MOD005774 Module
Network Switching and Routing MOD005619 Module
Networked Systems MOD005010 Module
Networking Technologies MOD002630 Module
Neural Computing and Deep Learning MOD006568 Module
Object Orientated Modelling and Data Design MOD005618 Module
Object Orientated Software Development MOD005622 Module
Object Oriented C++ MOD003197 Module
Object Oriented Programming MOD004881 Module
Operating Systems MOD003218 Module
Operating Systems and Virtualisation MOD004890 Module
Penetration Testing MOD004891 Module
Postgraduate Major Project MOD002726 Module
Postgraduate Major Project (Blended Learning) MOD006979 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement (Computing and Information Science) MOD006571 Module
Principles of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning MOD006904 Module
Principles of Data Mining and Machine Learning MOD007892 Module
Principles of Data Science MOD006905 Module
Principles of Digital Forensics MOD007376 Module
Professional Development MOD007744 Module
Professional Issues and Entrepreneurship in IT MOD005625 Module
Professional Issues: Computing and Society MOD002647 Module
Programming Concepts MOD005424 Module
Programming with Python MOD007891 Module
Project Management and Quality Assurance MOD002594 Module
Python and Data Analysis MOD006569 Module
Remote Sensing and the Internet of Things MOD004550 Module
Research Methods MOD002695 Module
Secure Systems MOD002692 Module
Security in Computing MOD007378 Module
Security Management and Governance MOD005775 Module
Security Management, Operations and Analytics MOD007390 Module
Semantic Data Technologies MOD004979 Module
Software Engineering MOD003263 Module
Software Engineering - Level 4 MOD007791 Module
Software Engineering - Level 5 MOD007792 Module
Software Engineering - Level 6 MOD007793 Module
Software Implementation MOD002702 Module
Software Principles MOD003484 Module
Software Security MOD007360 Module
Software, Tools and Programming for Data Science MOD006903 Module
Time Series Analysis MOD006908 Module
Web Application Security MOD006363 Module
Web Development MOD002552 Module
Work Placement (C&IS) MOD004963 Module
Workplace Skills and Learning MOD005615 Module

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