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Acts and Discourses MOD003422 Module
Animation Practice MOD000201 Module
Animation Skills MOD007322 Module
Approaches to Drawing MOD007310 Module
Art and Design ART_AND_DESIGN Subject
Brand Management MOD008639 Module
Business for the Creative Arts MOD003566 Module
Commercial Context and Employability for the Creative Industries MOD008641 Module
Computer Generated Imagery MOD007324 Module
Contemporary Issues and Debates MOD007297 Module
Cool Hunting: Identity, Socioeconomics and Psychology in Fashion MOD008636 Module
Critical Contexts - Fine Art MOD007312 Module
Cut, Form and Construction MOD007301 Module
Design and Professional Practice MOD007307 Module
Design Context and Technology MOD007333 Module
Design Practice MOD007319 Module
Design Practice 1 MOD000187 Module
Design Process MOD007317 Module
Design: Visual and Material Practice MOD007305 Module
Design: Visual and Material Practice MOD008432 Module
Digital and Moving Illustration MOD007326 Module
Digitalia in Application MOD007336 Module
Drawing for Illustration MOD007327 Module
Entering the World of Creative Non-Fiction MOD008640 Module
Experimental Practice MOD007311 Module
Fashion Communication and Promotion MOD007308 Module
Fashion Journalism: Theory and Creation MOD008633 Module
Fashion Styling MOD008630 Module
Fine Art Major Project MOD007316 Module
Fine Art Practice 1 MOD007313 Module
Fine Art Practice 2 MOD007314 Module
Fine Art: Critical Practice MOD003423 Module
Fundamentals of Digitalia MOD007294 Module
Fundamentals of Fashion Marketing MOD008629 Module
Graduate Project and Professional Portfolio MOD007309 Module
Graphic Design: Final Projects MOD007321 Module
Graphic Design: Histories and Ideas MOD007318 Module
Graphic Design:ia Specialisms MOD007320 Module
Graphics in Motion MOD007298 Module
Identities MOD000154 Module
Illustration and Animation Practice MOD005735 Module
Illustration and Audience: The Paradox MOD002988 Module
Illustration Practice MOD007328 Module
Immersive Storytelling MOD007299 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004828 Module
Integrated Fashion Communication MOD008635 Module
Introduction to Typeia MOD000089 Module
Introduction to Web Design MOD000090 Module
Launchpad MOD007332 Module
Luxury Fashion: Strategies for Prestige MOD008632 Module
Major Project MOD008644 Module
Major Project Photography MOD007342 Module
Major Project: Digitalia MOD007300 Module
Making Methods MOD006120 Module
Masters Dissertation: Art and Design MOD000229 Module
Masters Project: Fine Art MOD006924 Module
Masters Project: Graphic Design and Typography MOD006925 Module
Masters Project: Illustration MOD006926 Module
Masters Project: Printmaking MOD006927 Module
Masters Stage Project MOD000233 Module
Media, Process, Situation MOD007315 Module
Moving Illustration MOD003567 Module
Newia Design: Graphic Design for Screen Based Applications MOD000167 Module
Observation and Experiment MOD000215 Module
Personal Enterprise: Inspiration and Commercialisation MOD008643 Module
Perspectives on Practice MOD007482 Module
Photographic Portfolio Practice MOD007341 Module
Photography: Practice and Context MOD007339 Module
Predicting Demand: Consumer-Centric Product Development MOD008634 Module
Print, Process and Page MOD007329 Module
Printmaking: Research and Context MOD003421 Module
Production and Multi-Media MOD007340 Module
Professional Sequential Practice MOD007325 Module
Professional Studies in Design MOD003568 Module
Research and Review MOD000214 Module
Research Project MOD002997 Module
Sensorial Marketing MOD008642 Module
Sequence and Narrative MOD007330 Module
Sequence and Series MOD000227 Module
Sequential Practice MOD005734 Module
Sequential Structures and Contexts MOD007323 Module
Studio Culture 1 MOD007334 Module
Studio Culture 2 MOD007337 Module
Studio Culture 3 MOD007338 Module
Sustainable Design and Innovation Practice MOD008431 Module
Text and Image MOD005738 Module
The Illustrated World MOD007331 Module
The Sequential Image MOD002998 Module
Thinking Digital: A Practical History of Digitalia MOD007295 Module
Typographic Enquiry MOD000225 Module
Visual Communication VISUAL_COMM Subject
Visual Communication MOD007335 Module
Visual Communication and Portfolio MOD007306 Module
Visual Identity Systems for Fashion Brands MOD008638 Module
Visual Merchandising for Luxury Brands MOD008637 Module
Visual Research Practices MOD006136 Module
Visual Text MOD000228 Module
Web Design and Digital Content Creation MOD007296 Module
Working in the Creative Industries MOD007343 Module
Writing for Sequential Images MOD005737 Module
Writing to Entertain, Inform and Persuade MOD008631 Module

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