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Name Code Type
Art and Design ART_AND_DESIGN Subject
Design Thinking MOD006114 Module
Graphic Design of the 20th Century MOD000087 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004868 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004844 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004828 Module
Information Design MOD000142 Module
Introduction to Photographic Studio Practice MOD005577 Module
Introduction to Surface Textiles MOD000104 Module
Key Issues in Fashion Design MOD004440 Module
Moving Illustration MOD003567 Module
Narrative Printmaking MOD000162 Module
Origination and Interpretation: Modes of Graphic Authorship MOD000224 Module
Photographic Sequences MOD000184 Module
Photography: Experimental Practice MOD003466 Module
Photography: International Perspectives MOD003467 Module
Professional Approaches to Photography MOD000183 Module
Visual Communication VISUAL_COMM Subject
Writing for Sequential Images MOD005737 Module

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