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16mm Filmmaking MOD000341 Module
Acoustics MOD007363 Module
Acoustics and Psychoacoustics MOD006930 Module
Acoustics, Sound and Music MOD002560 Module
Acting 1: Foundations MOD006262 Module
Acting 2: Practitioners MOD006266 Module
Acting Through Song MOD006273 Module
Advanced Audio Technology MOD007367 Module
Advanced Audio Technology MOD008116 Module
Advanced Computer Games Art MOD000185 Module
Advanced Game Development MOD007397 Module
Advanced Studio Practice MOD002588 Module
Advanced Techniques MOD007468 Module
Algorithms for Games MOD007398 Module
Analogue and Digital Synthesis MOD002669 Module
Analogue Electronics for Audio MOD006928 Module
Analysing Electronic Music MOD006351 Module
Analytical Techniques for Game Developers MOD004123 Module
Animation MOD000340 Module
Applied Drama MOD006230 Module
Applied Science for Games MOD007391 Module
Artificial Intelligence for Games MOD006109 Module
Audio Electronics MOD002615 Module
Audio for Film MOD007368 Module
Audio for Film MOD003363 Module
Audio for Games MOD007369 Module
Audio for Games MOD004892 Module
Audio Plug-In Development MOD006112 Module
Audio Programming MOD004893 Module
Audio Programming MOD007370 Module
Avant-Garde Cinema MOD000438 Module
Basic Recording and Studio Techniques MOD002557 Module
C++ for Game Developers MOD007392 Module
Character Rigging and Animation MOD000150 Module
Character Rigging and Animation for Games MOD007478 Module
Chords, Contours and Grooves MOD006342 Module
Cinema and Sound MOD003257 Module
Classical Hollywood Cinema MOD005225 Module
Clinical Placements and Experiential Development (1) MOD000631 Module
Clinical Placements and Experiential Development (2) MOD000632 Module
Collaborative Game Development MOD007399 Module
Collaborative Music Practice for Health MOD007929 Module
Collaborative Project MOD006325 Module
Collaborative Project MOD007373 Module
Collaborative Project Development MOD006326 Module
Community Theatre MOD006234 Module
Community Theatre Performance MOD007465 Module
Complex Systems in Games MOD007400 Module
Composition 1 MOD006309 Module
Composition 2 MOD006320 Module
Composition Software MOD002609 Module
Computer and Video Games Studies MOD000113 Module
Computer Games COMPUTER_GAMES Subject
Computer Games Art MOD000123 Module
Computer Games Development MOD000192 Module
Concept Art and Drawing for Computer Games MOD003564 Module
Concept Development and Digital Sculpting MOD007408 Module
Contemporary Television MOD003647 Module
Contemporary Texts MOD000604 Module
Core Skills for Audio MOD007364 Module
Creative Moving Image MOD007413 Module
Creative Producing MOD005732 Module
Creative Research in Computer Games MOD007409 Module
Creativity and Content in Publishing MOD000527 Module
Creativity and Technology 1 MOD006356 Module
Creativity and Technology 2 MOD006367 Module
Critical Approaches to Video Games MOD005750 Module
Cultures of Electronic Music MOD006314 Module
Dance 1: Foundations and Posture MOD006264 Module
Dance 2: Jazz and Street Dance MOD006268 Module
Dance Collaboration MOD007469 Module
Debates and Practices MOD000152 Module
Digital Arts: Experimental Practice MOD004625 Module
Digital Compositing MOD000100 Module
Digital Electronics for Audio MOD006929 Module
Digital Media Practice and Creative Computing MOD005273 Module
Digital Media Theory: Social Media, AI, and the Cultures of the Internet MOD007477 Module
Digital Music Formats MOD002613 Module
Digital Performance MOD000563 Module
Digital Performance MOD002670 Module
Digital Practice MOD003474 Module
Digital Practice in Computer Games Art MOD007410 Module
Digital Publishing MOD000445 Module
Digital Sculpting MOD005512 Module
Digital Sculpting for Games MOD008462 Module
Directing MOD006282 Module
Directing Skills MOD000564 Module
Documentary MOD000191 Module
Documentary Film Theory MOD000336 Module
Dots, Lines and Waves MOD006334 Module
Dots, Lines and Waves - Songwriting 1 MOD008388 Module
Dramatherapy Practical and Clinical Skills MOD000629 Module
Electronic Music Composition MOD008389 Module
Electronic Music for Film 1 MOD007483 Module
Electronic Music for Film 2 MOD007484 Module
Electronic Music History 1 MOD006350 Module
Electronic Music History 2 MOD006355 Module
Electronic Music in Context MOD008390 Module
Electronic Music Performance MOD006335 Module
Electronic Music Production 1A: MIDI MOD006349 Module
Electronic Music Production 1B: Audio MOD006352 Module
Electronic Music Production 2 MOD006354 Module
Electronic Music: Styles and Genres MOD006353 Module
Electronics for Music MOD007371 Module
Emergent Gaming Technologies MOD004972 Module
Enterprise in the Creative Arts MOD000612 Module
Entrepreneurship for Music 1: Digital MOD006307 Module
Entrepreneurship for Music 2: Placement MOD006315 Module
Experimental Practice in Computer Games MOD007031 Module
Experiments in Film and Moving Image MOD007418 Module
Festival of Performance MOD007470 Module
Film and Media FILM_AND_MEDIA Subject
Film and Television: Research and Context MOD005245 Module
Film Criticism and Reviewing MOD007415 Module
Film Drama: Production and Practices MOD005590 Module
Film Journalism MOD000449 Module
Film Language and Concepts MOD007412 Module
Film Reviewing MOD000260 Module
Film Soundtrack Composition MOD006327 Module
Final Project MOD007374 Module
Final Project Creative Industries MOD007024 Module
Final Project for Games MOD007401 Module
Final Studio Portfolio 1 MOD002674 Module
Final Studio Portfolio 2 MOD002675 Module
Foundations of Music Theory MOD006305 Module
From Script to Screen MOD000344 Module
Fundamentals of Publishing MOD005864 Module
Game and Film Soundtracks MOD007444 Module
Game Design and Development MOD003199 Module
Game Design Theory MOD007393 Module
Game Development MOD007396 Module
Game Engine Technology: Systems Modelling MOD006100 Module
Game Engines and Mechanics MOD007030 Module
Game Technologies MOD008460 Module
Game UI and UX MOD007402 Module
Games Data, Analytics and Research MOD007705 Module
Games Development 1 MOD004621 Module
Games Development 2 MOD004622 Module
Games Programming MOD004623 Module
Graduation Films and Portfolio MOD007435 Module
History of Global Cinema MOD007414 Module
Independent Cinema: US and Beyond MOD000337 Module
Independent Film Practice 1 MOD000443 Module
Independent Film Practice 2 MOD000444 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004829 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004848 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004847 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004869 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004831 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004853 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004845 Module
Independent Radio Practice MOD000446 Module
Industry Project MOD007466 Module
Integrated Audio Systems Design MOD006118 Module
Interaction and Usability for Games MOD007105 Module
Intertextuality in Music MOD003024 Module
Introduction to Broadcast MOD003699 Module
Introduction to Computer Games Art MOD000122 Module
Introduction to Computer Gaming MOD002582 Module
Introduction to Film Theory MOD005223 Module
Introduction to Filmmaking: Super 8mm MOD006130 Module
Introduction to Game Programming MOD005244 Module
Introduction to Imaginative Writing MOD007461 Module
Introduction to Music Studies MOD006306 Module
Introduction to Non-Fiction Writing MOD000246 Module
Introduction to Television Studies MOD005268 Module
Introduction to World Musics and Ethnomusicology MOD006312 Module
Language and Criticism for Writers MOD000245 Module
Law, Culture and Technology MOD005274 Module
Legal, Rights and Data Issues in Publishing MOD000529 Module
Level Design for Games MOD007403 Module
Live Event Production MOD007372 Module
Live Performance MOD006340 Module
Live Recording Practice MOD002614 Module
Live Sound MOD007365 Module
Live Sound Engineering MOD002676 Module
MA Therapies Major Project MOD000633 Module
Major Project Computer Games MOD007025 Module
Major Project for Computer Games MOD007411 Module
Making Performance MOD006225 Module
Making Performance MOD000599 Module
Masters Major Project in Creative Writing MOD000548 Module
Masters Project Computer Games MOD007026 Module
Masters Project: Film and Television MOD005988 Module
Masters Research Assignment MOD007075 Module
Media, Culture and Power MOD007427 Module
Mobile Technology in Computer Games MOD007027 Module
Movement Composition MOD006272 Module
Multiplexed: Contemporary Popular Cinema MOD000439 Module
Music 1: Ensemble Singing and Music Foundations MOD006263 Module
Music 2: Solo Singing and Music Theory MOD006267 Module
Music and Music Technology MUS_AND_MUS_TEC Subject
Music and Technology MOD006308 Module
Music for the Moving Image MOD003619 Module
Music in Context MOD008392 Module
Music in Context 1 MOD007436 Module
Music in Context 2 MOD007440 Module
Music in Education MOD006316 Module
Music Major Project MOD006322 Module
Music Performance 1 MOD007437 Module
Music Performance 1A MOD006310 Module
Music Performance 1B MOD006311 Module
Music Performance 2 MOD006317 Module
Music Performance Studies 3A MOD000610 Module
Music Production MOD008393 Module
Music Technology and Entrepreneurship MOD007438 Module
Music Theatre Relationships MOD006271 Module
Music Therapy and Dramatherapy Multi-Disciplinary Theoretical Studies MOD000620 Module
Music Therapy Practical and Clinical Skills MOD000619 Module
Musical Theatre Studies MOD006281 Module
Narrative in Global Cinema MOD005226 Module
New Media Performance MOD000594 Module
Non-Fiction Filmmaking MOD003006 Module
Object-Oriented Programming for Games MOD006101 Module
Online Journalism MOD005752 Module
Orchestration MOD005748 Module
Patterns of Story: Fiction and its Forms MOD003085 Module
Performance Contexts 1A MOD005505 Module
Performance Contexts 1B MOD005506 Module
Performance Practitioners MOD006231 Module
Performance Showcase MOD000617 Module
Performance Skills 1A MOD005515 Module
Performance Skills 1B MOD005518 Module
Performance Skills 2B MOD005726 Module
Performance Writing MOD003617 Module
Performing Activism, how can we use our bodies for change? MOD007977 Module
Performing Shakespeare MOD004145 Module
Physical Theatre MOD006226 Module
Poetry and Plays MOD005865 Module
Popular Music in Context 1 MOD007473 Module
Popular Music in Context 1A MOD006332 Module
Popular Music in Context 1B MOD006333 Module
Popular Music in Context 2 MOD007474 Module
Popular Music in Context 2A MOD006338 Module
Popular Music in Context 2B MOD006339 Module
Popular Music Performance 1 MOD007439 Module
Popular Music Performance 1A MOD006330 Module
Popular Music Performance 1B MOD006331 Module
Popular Music Performance 2 MOD006337 Module
Popular Music Performance 2A MOD007441 Module
Popular Music Performance 2B MOD007442 Module
Portfolio MOD007375 Module
Portfolio MOD004624 Module
Postgraduate Major Project Creative Industries MOD007029 Module
Postmodernism MOD006235 Module
Practice as Research MOD006097 Module
Practice in the Creative Industries MOD007028 Module
Principles of Dramatherapy MOD006232 Module
Principles of Music Therapy MOD006318 Module
Principles of Music Therapy and Dramatherapy MOD000606 Module
Production 1 MOD006261 Module
Production 2 MOD006265 Module
Production 4 MOD006270 Module
Production Processes in Publishing MOD000530 Module
Production Project MOD006319 Module
Production Skills MOD006228 Module
Professional and Entrepreneurial Portfolio MOD002683 Module
Professional Issues: Video Games and Society MOD004124 Module
Professional Portfolio for Games MOD007404 Module
Professional Practice MOD004101 Module
Professional Practice MOD000452 Module
Professional Practice 1 MOD006323 Module
Professional Practice 2 MOD006324 Module
Professional Practice in Film MOD007419 Module
Professional Theatre Practice 1 MOD006233 Module
Professional Theatre Practice 2 MOD006238 Module
Programming for Game Developers MOD007394 Module
Prose Fiction MOD005859 Module
Provocations MOD006239 Module
Publishing Major Project MOD000546 Module
Publishing: The Making of Genres MOD006052 Module
Radio Journalism MOD003239 Module
Radio Production MOD000342 Module
Radiophonica MOD006329 Module
Readers and Reading Cultures MOD005940 Module
Readings in Music History MOD006321 Module
Research Project in Film and Media MOD000509 Module
Scenes and Shorts MOD006098 Module
Screen Skills MOD007428 Module
Screenwriting MOD005733 Module
Screenwriting: Adaptation MOD000447 Module
Screenwriting: The Feature Film MOD003008 Module
Screenwriting: The Short Film MOD004993 Module
Screenwriting: Writing and Selling the Feature Film MOD007417 Module
Scriptwriting : Multi-Platform Storytelling MOD004643 Module
Sensor Technology MOD000607 Module
Short Fiction Film MOD000174 Module
Simulation in Games MOD004973 Module
Site-Specific and Immersive Theatre MOD006227 Module
Social Media and Public Relations MOD000451 Module
Software Design and Implementation MOD003310 Module
Software Development for Games MOD006102 Module
Software Engineering for Games MOD007405 Module
Solo Showreel MOD006236 Module
Songwriting MOD007443 Module
Songwriting 1 MOD006336 Module
Songwriting 2 MOD006341 Module
Sound and Vision: Music and Media MOD000430 Module
Sound/Image/Design MOD007420 Module
Special Subject MOD000603 Module
Special Subject MOD005517 Module
Special Topic MOD000522 Module
Special Topics in Film Studies MOD005227 Module
Specialised Practice in Computer Games MOD003565 Module
Stage Choreography MOD007471 Module
Staging and Production MOD006096 Module
Staging and Reception MOD005503 Module
Story On Screen: Production and Practice MOD007422 Module
Studio Performance MOD006224 Module
Studio Practice MOD002558 Module
Studio Practice for Games MOD007406 Module
Studio Techniques MOD007366 Module
Talking Pictures MOD005496 Module
Technical Development for Games MOD008461 Module
Technical Skills 1 and Showcase MOD007460 Module
Technical Skills 2 MOD007463 Module
Techniques of Music Analysis MOD006313 Module
Teenage Kicks: Youth Culture and Media MOD005272 Module
Television Genres MOD005269 Module
Television: Production and Practices MOD007457 Module
The Body in Performance MOD000593 Module
The Book Musical MOD006269 Module
The Business of Publishing MOD000528 Module
The Director and the Cinematographer MOD005731 Module
The Small-Scale Musical MOD007462 Module
Theatre Analysis MOD007464 Module
Theatre Analysis MOD006229 Module
Theatre Theory and Specialist Skills MOD007467 Module
Theorising Popular Culture MOD005474 Module
Theorising Spectatorship MOD005224 Module
TV Drama Production MOD006099 Module
Twentieth-Century Drama MOD000591 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD000510 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD000618 Module
Undergraduate Major Writing Project MOD000512 Module
Understanding the Audience MOD004231 Module
Video Game Production MOD007395 Module
Visual Media and Science Fiction MOD006053 Module
Visual Storytelling MOD004232 Module
Web Design and Development MOD000339 Module
Work Placement (Cambridge School of Creative Industries) MOD007746 Module
Working in English and Media MOD000448 Module
Workshop Facilitation MOD006237 Module
Workshop: The Novel MOD000520 Module
Workshop: The Short Story MOD000521 Module
World Building for Games MOD007407 Module
World Music and Globalisation MOD006328 Module
Writing and Performance WRITING_AND_PRF Subject
Writing for the Stage MOD000331 Module
Writing Historical Fiction MOD004708 Module
Writing Poetry MOD000429 Module
Writing Short Fiction MOD000409 Module
Writing Speculative Fiction MOD005218 Module

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