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Name Code Type
Computer Games COMPUTER_GAMES Subject
Digital Performance MOD000563 Module
Directing Skills MOD000564 Module
Enterprise in the Creative Arts MOD000612 Module
Film and Media FILM_AND_MEDIA Subject
Independent Learning Module MOD004847 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004845 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004869 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004853 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004831 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004848 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004829 Module
Intertextuality in Music MOD003024 Module
Introduction to Broadcast MOD003699 Module
Language and Criticism for Writers MOD000245 Module
Making Performance MOD000599 Module
Music and Music Technology MUS_AND_MUS_TEC Subject
Music Performance Studies 3A MOD000610 Module
New Media Performance MOD000594 Module
Performance Contexts 1A MOD005505 Module
Performance Contexts 1B MOD005506 Module
Performance Skills 1A MOD005515 Module
Performance Skills 1B MOD005518 Module
Performance Skills 2B MOD005726 Module
Performance Writing MOD003617 Module
Principles of Music Therapy and Dramatherapy MOD000606 Module
Professional Practice MOD004101 Module
Professional Practice MOD000452 Module
Radio Journalism MOD003239 Module
Radiophonica MOD006329 Module
Sensor Technology MOD000607 Module
Social Media and Public Relations MOD000451 Module
Special Subject MOD005517 Module
Staging and Reception MOD005503 Module
The Body in Performance MOD000593 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD000510 Module
Writing and Performance WRITING_AND_PRF Subject

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