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Name Code Type
Applied Software MOD002561 Module
Architectural CAD (Architecture) MOD004409 Module
Architecture and Planning ARCH_AND_PLAN Subject
Biomedical and Medical Technology Engineering BIOM_AND_MED_TE Subject
Civil Engineering CIVIL_ENGINEER Subject
Construction and Surveying CONS_AND_SURV Subject
Electrical and Electronic Engineering ELC_AND_ELC_ENG Subject
Flood Management MOD002346 Module
Flood Risk Management MOD004375 Module
Forensic Engineering MOD002416 Module
Major Project MSc Urban Design and MSc Town Planning MOD005207 Module
Mechanical Engineering MECH_ENGINEER Subject
Stress and Dynamics MOD002668 Module
Surveying Practice MOD002253 Module
Valuations 2 MOD002363 Module

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