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Accounting for Decision Makers MOD003674 Module
Accounting for Decision Makers MOD005493 Module
Accounting for Managers MOD006089 Module
Advanced Corporate Finance MOD005657 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting MOD004500 Module
Advocacy MOD003727 Module
Agency and Sale of Goods Law MOD000043 Module
Analysis of Business MOD001021 Module
Applied Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy MOD007692 Module
Applied Econometrics MOD005756 Module
Applied Economics MOD007245 Module
Applied Economics MOD004473 Module
Auditing MOD004497 Module
Bank Regulation MOD004959 Module
Bank Risk Management MOD004658 Module
Banking and Financial Institutions MOD007173 Module
Banking in Context MOD004656 Module
Behavioural Economics MOD004476 Module
Big Data Analytics MOD007695 Module
Big Data Fundamentals MOD005698 Module
Business Analysis Project MOD001112 Module
Business Analytics MOD005700 Module
Business Economics MOD004493 Module
Business Economics MOD001047 Module
Business Financing MOD004501 Module
Business Forecasting and Simulation MOD005703 Module
Business Law and Practice MOD003721 Module
Child and Family Law MOD007270 Module
Child Care Law MOD003734 Module
Child Law MOD000044 Module
Civil Litigation MOD000045 Module
Clinical Legal Experience MOD006724 Module
Commercial Contracts MOD003656 Module
Commercial Dispute Resolution MOD003736 Module
Company Law in Context MOD006422 Module
Company Law in Context MOD000015 Module
Comparative Company Law MOD000069 Module
Competition Law in the International Context MOD000070 Module
Constitutional and Administrative Law MOD000010 Module
Consultancy for Economists MOD006108 Module
Contemporary Issues in International Management MOD004160 Module
Contract Law MOD000009 Module
Criminal Litigation with Evidence MOD000046 Module
Critical Approaches to Economics MOD004474 Module
Current Legal Issues in the International Arena MOD006081 Module
Decision Making and Problem Solving MOD000978 Module
Digital Economy MOD005498 Module
Drafting MOD003728 Module
E-Business Management MOD004660 Module
Economics and International Business ECN_AND_INT_BUS Subject
Economics for Business and Management MOD001026 Module
Economics for Managers MOD004439 Module
Employment Law MOD000048 Module
Employment Law and Practice MOD003732 Module
Equity and the Law of Trusts MOD000030 Module
EU Economy MOD007243 Module
EU Economy: Issues and Policies MOD004662 Module
EU Law MOD004986 Module
Exploring Business Research MOD005658 Module
Family Law MOD000017 Module
Family Law MOD006423 Module
Family Law and Practice MOD003733 Module
Finance for Decision Making MOD004051 Module
Finance for Decision Making MOD007667 Module
Finance for Non Financial Managers MOD000979 Module
Finance, Accounting and Operations Management FIN_ACC_AND_OM Subject
Financial and Management Accounting MOD004227 Module
Financial Data Analytics MOD007693 Module
Financial Economics MOD007244 Module
Financial Investment Analysis MOD005704 Module
Financial Management MOD004164 Module
Financial Management MOD006612 Module
Financial Management and Financial Forecasting MOD003430 Module
Financial Reporting MOD004498 Module
Financial Sustainability MOD005403 Module
Foundations of Criminal Law MOD000011 Module
Foundations of Finance MOD004173 Module
Global Business Environment and International Strategy MOD007191 Module
Global Equity Markets MOD004168 Module
Globalisation and World Trade MOD005500 Module
Group Tutorial - Level 4 MOD003806 Module
Group Tutorial - Level 5 MOD003807 Module
Group Tutorial - Level 6 MOD003808 Module
History of Political Economy MOD006107 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004843 Module
Independent Learning Module (Accounting and Finance) MOD005178 Module
Independent Learning Module (Accounting and Finance) MOD005175 Module
Industrial Organisation and Policy MOD004475 Module
Intellectual Property Law and Social Media MOD005499 Module
Intermediate Macroeconomics MOD005668 Module
International Accounting MOD004165 Module
International Banking MOD004657 Module
International Banking in Context MOD006672 Module
International Business MOD001055 Module
International Business MOD004478 Module
International Business MOD007242 Module
International Business In Focus MOD001022 Module
International Commercial Arbitration MOD000067 Module
International Financial Markets and Investment MOD007696 Module
International Financial Reporting MOD007174 Module
International Human Rights Law MOD004990 Module
International Intercultural Management MOD001075 Module
International Intercultural Management MOD004668 Module
International Supply Chain Management MOD004425 Module
International Trade MOD004085 Module
International Trade Law MOD000065 Module
Interviewing and Advising MOD003725 Module
Introduction to Accounting and Finance MOD000897 Module
Introduction to Accounting and Finance MOD004446 Module
Introduction to Business Law MOD004447 Module
Introduction to Econometrics MOD005757 Module
Introduction to Financial Analysis and Management MOD007192 Module
Introduction to Financial Reporting MOD007166 Module
Introduction to Financial Reporting MOD006608 Module
Introduction to Financial Technology MOD007694 Module
Issues in Medical Law MOD004989 Module
Land Law MOD000057 Module
Law LAW Subject
Law in the Global Context MOD000066 Module
Law of Succession MOD000023 Module
Law of Tort MOD000031 Module
Legal Method and Skills MOD000012 Module
Legal Research Methods MOD000064 Module
Legal Work Experience MOD004991 Module
Legal Work Experience MOD007271 Module
Litigation MOD003723 Module
LLM Major Research Project MOD000079 Module
Macroeconomics II MOD004470 Module
Major Research Project in International Law MOD006082 Module
Major Research Project in Legal Practice MOD000077 Module
Managing a Sustainable Business MOD004601 Module
Managing Business Research Projects MOD005296 Module
Mathematics for Economists MOD007525 Module
Micro and Macro Economics MOD007241 Module
Micro and Macroeconomics MOD004225 Module
Microeconomics II MOD004469 Module
Monetary Policy MOD004960 Module
Operations and Project Management MOD005497 Module
Operations Management MOD007697 Module
Performance Management MOD004479 Module
Performance Management MOD007167 Module
Postgraduate Major Project MOD007701 Module
Postgraduate Major Project (Accounting and Finance) MOD004450 Module
Postgraduate Major Project (International Business) MOD005125 Module
Postgraduate Major Project (Supply Chain Management) MOD005240 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement MOD007704 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement (Accounting and Finance) MOD006794 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement (International Business) MOD006969 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement (Supply Chain Management) MOD006970 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement Major Project MOD007702 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement Major Project (Accounting and Finance) MOD006808 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement Major Project (International Business) MOD006807 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement Major Project (Supply Chain Management) MOD006806 Module
Practical Legal Research MOD003726 Module
Pre-sessional Maths (LAIBS) MOD006075 Module
Preparation for Undergraduate Major Project (UGMP) MOD004987 Module
Principles of Economics MOD007674 Module
Principles of International Law MOD006080 Module
Private Client MOD003735 Module
Professional Conduct and Regulation MOD003729 Module
Project Management MOD004451 Module
Project Management MOD004229 Module
Project Management and Implementation MOD007198 Module
Property Law and Practice MOD003722 Module
Public International Law MOD000052 Module
Quantitative Methods for Banking and Finance MOD006671 Module
Research Methods for Business and Management MOD001105 Module
Research Methods for Business and Management MOD004452 Module
Responsible Business MOD004230 Module
Solicitors' Accounts MOD003730 Module
Sports Law MOD004992 Module
Statistics MOD005758 Module
Strategic Financial Analysis MOD000983 Module
Supply Chain Strategy and Operations MOD004050 Module
Supply Chain Strategy and Practice MOD007698 Module
Sustainable Management Futures MOD000945 Module
Sustainable Supply Chain and Logistics MOD007699 Module
Sustainable Supply Chains MOD004163 Module
Sustainable Transformation and Environmental Practice MOD004790 Module
Systems and Operations Management MOD003553 Module
Taxation in the UK MOD007168 Module
Taxation in the United Kingdom MOD004504 Module
The Law of Information, Intellectual Property and Social Media MOD004988 Module
The Professional Accountant MOD004502 Module
Transnational Commercial Law MOD003657 Module
UK Taxation and Auditing MOD007700 Module
Undergraduate Business Work Placement - EFL MOD004438 Module
Undergraduate Major Project (Business Economics) MOD004485 Module
Undergraduate Major Project (Extended) MOD000060 Module
Undergraduate Major Project (FAOM) MOD007268 Module
Undergraduate Major Project (International Business) MOD005087 Module
Undergraduate Major Project in Law (Dissertation) MOD000058 Module
What’s the real price tag on fashion? MOD007985 Module
Wills and Administration of Estates MOD003731 Module
Work Based Postgraduate Major Project MOD006977 Module
Work Placement (Economics and International Business) MOD005259 Module
Writing MOD003724 Module

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