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Name Code Type
Accounting for Decision Makers MOD005493 Module
Agency and Sale of Goods Law MOD000043 Module
Analysis of Business MOD001021 Module
Banking in Context MOD004656 Module
Business Economics MOD001047 Module
Child Care Law MOD003734 Module
Child Law MOD000044 Module
Commercial Dispute Resolution MOD003736 Module
Company Law in Context MOD000015 Module
Company Law in Context MOD006422 Module
Comparative Company Law MOD000069 Module
Corporate Governance MOD000073 Module
Criminal Litigation with Evidence MOD000046 Module
Economics and International Business ECN_AND_INT_BUS Subject
Economics for Business and Management MOD001026 Module
Employment Law MOD000048 Module
Employment Law and Practice MOD003732 Module
EU Economy: Issues and Policies MOD004662 Module
Family Law MOD006423 Module
Family Law MOD000017 Module
Family Law and Practice MOD003733 Module
Finance, Accounting and Operations Management FIN_ACC_AND_OM Subject
Financial and Management Accounting MOD004227 Module
Financial Management MOD004484 Module
Globalisation and World Trade MOD005500 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004843 Module
Independent Learning Module (Accounting and Finance) MOD005178 Module
Independent Learning Module (Accounting and Finance) MOD005175 Module
Industrial Organisation and Policy MOD004475 Module
International Banking MOD004657 Module
International Business MOD001055 Module
International Business In Focus MOD001022 Module
International Human Rights Law MOD004990 Module
Introduction to Accounting and Finance MOD000897 Module
Introduction to Accounting and Finance MOD004446 Module
Introduction to Business Law MOD004447 Module
Issues in Medical Law MOD004989 Module
Law LAW Subject
Law of Succession MOD000023 Module
Legal and Ethical Issues Throughout Life MOD004763 Module
Medical Law and Ethics in the Care of Older People MOD004765 Module
Micro and Macroeconomics MOD004225 Module
Pre-sessional Maths (LAIBS) MOD006075 Module
Public International Law MOD000052 Module
Sports Law MOD004992 Module
Systems and Operations Management MOD003553 Module
The Law of Information, Intellectual Property and Social Media MOD004988 Module
Undergraduate Major Project (Extended) MOD000060 Module

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