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Name Code Type
Advanced Skills for Practice MOD005137 Module
Assessed Readiness for Direct Practice (Year 2) MOD004415 Module
Assessed Readiness for Direct Practice (Year 3) MOD004416 Module
Assessing and Managing Risk MOD003548 Module
Critical Engagement of the Individual with the E-Learning Environment MOD001324 Module
Education - Chelmsford EDUCATION_CHE Subject
Education and Social Care - Cambridgeshire EDU_SOC_CAR_CAM Subject
Education Enterprise 3: Planning and Funding MOD005791 Module
Education Studies 2: Studying National and International Education Systems MOD003755 Module
Education Studies 3: Ideology, Educational Policy and Cultural Texts MOD003756 Module
Independent Learning Module: Education and Childhood Studies MOD001261 Module
Independent Learning Module: Education or Childhood Studies MOD001331 Module
Investigating Education Through Research MOD001342 Module
Investigative Approaches to the Curriculum MOD001326 Module
Mental Health Law (Approved Mental Health Professional) MOD005122 Module
National and International Perspectives in Higher Education Student Affairs MOD004721 Module
Practice Education and Supervision in Social Work MOD002225 Module
Primary Education and Schooling 3: What is Meant by Inclusion and Diversity in Primary Education MOD003759 Module
Raising Achievement through Improving Teaching and Learning MOD001348 Module
Risk and Resilience in Children and Young People MOD001280 Module
Social Care - Chelmsford SOCIAL_CARE_CHE Subject
Special Needs in Education MOD001281 Module
Special Study MOD001320 Module
Statutory Mental Health Practice (Approved Mental Health Professional) MOD005121 Module
Strengthening Professional Practice as a Newly Qualified Social Worker MOD003475 Module
Studying Education and Research in Higher Education 2 MOD003754 Module
Systemic Practice in Applied Social Work MOD003556 Module
Understanding Child Development through Attachment Relationships MOD003557 Module
Work-Based Learning: An Extended Experience MOD001359 Module
Working with Families MOD005136 Module

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