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Advanced Professional Data Collection and Analysis MOD005955 Module
Advanced Professional Research Methods MOD005954 Module
Advanced Skills for Practice MOD005137 Module
Advanced Skills for Social Work Practice 1 MOD006449 Module
Advanced Skills for Social Work Practice 2 MOD006450 Module
An Introduction to Approved Roles (Approved Mental Capacity Professional; Approved Mental Health Professional) MOD008042 Module
Analytical Thinking and Decision Making in Professional Social Work MOD002238 Module
Applied Social Work Theories MOD007808 Module
Applied Social Work Theories and Research Evaluation MOD007825 Module
Assessed Readiness for Direct Practice MOD003637 Module
Becoming a Social Worker MOD005133 Module
Children's Rights MOD003774 Module
Climate Justice and Social Inequality: Could you be an Agent for Change? MOD007486 Module
Collaboration, Coproduction and Decision-making: For Social Workers and Social Care Professionals MOD008041 Module
Confirmation of QTS MOD008040 Module
Constructions of Learning 2: Communities MOD005993 Module
Constructions of Learning 3: Contexts MOD005998 Module
Contemporary Issues in Social Work MOD007806 Module
Critical Skills in Higher Education MOD007797 Module
Critical Supervision, Leadership and Management: For Social Workers and Social Care Professionals MOD002227 Module
Developing Assessment for Learning MOD001546 Module
Developing Educational Research MOD007707 Module
Developing Effective Management Systems MOD003453 Module
Developing Professional Social Work Practice MOD002235 Module
Diversity, Inclusion and Contemporary Practice: For Social Workers and Social Care Professionals MOD008044 Module
Do we need humans as teachers? MOD007983 Module
Early Childhood Graduate Competencies MOD007661 Module
Early Childhood Graduate Competencies MOD007660 Module
Early Childhood Graduate Competencies MOD007659 Module
Early Childhood Leadership and Management MOD007945 Module
Early Childhood: Principles, Practice and Professionalism MOD003708 Module
Early Years Practice and Pedagogy MOD003535 Module
Early Years Practice, Leadership and Management MOD003778 Module
Early Years Practice, Policy and Professionalism MOD003772 Module
Education Enterprise 2: Markets MOD005992 Module
Education Enterprise 3: Research and Development MOD005996 Module
Education Paradigms 2: Perspectives MOD006057 Module
Education Paradigms 3: Ideologies and Cultures MOD005995 Module
Educational and Social Research Methodology MOD001526 Module
Embedding Professionalism: For Newly Qualified Social Workers MOD003475 Module
Embracing Diversity MOD003770 Module
Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Reflective Practice MOD001545 Module
Ethics, Values and the Legal Context of Social Work MOD002118 Module
Exploring Educational Research MOD007706 Module
Extending Professional Practice MOD005953 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD007048 Module
Interdisciplinary Perspectives MOD003775 Module
Intervention for Special Educational Needs and Disability MOD004712 Module
Is technology changing us? MOD007974 Module
Key Issues and Themes in Education MOD003704 Module
Key Paradigms 1: History and Philosophy of Primary Education MOD005356 Module
Key Paradigms 2: Sociology and Politics MOD005361 Module
Key Paradigms 3: International and Global Perspectives in Education MOD005367 Module
Key Skills for Effective Primary Teaching MOD006148 Module
Knowledge, Evidence and Practice MOD002119 Module
Leading Change in Early Childhood Contexts MOD007944 Module
Leading Education MOD007708 Module
Leading Educational Change and Improvement MOD003361 Module
Learning and Development MOD003536 Module
Masters Dissertation MOD002240 Module
Masters Dissertation 30 Credits MOD002239 Module
Mental Health Law (Approved Mental Health Professional) MOD005122 Module
Montessori Curriculum 1 MOD008014 Module
Montessori Curriculum 2 MOD008015 Module
Montessori Method: Child, Adult and Environment MOD008011 Module
National and International Policy Perspectives MOD003707 Module
Perspectives on the Child 1: Childhood as a Construct, Physical and Social Development of Children MOD005357 Module
Perspectives on the Child 2: Childhood Cognitive and Language Development MOD005991 Module
Perspectives on the Child 3: Inclusion, SEND and Developmental Differences MOD005368 Module
Play, Health and Wellbeing MOD003537 Module
Postgraduate Major Project MOD001383 Module
Postgraduate Major Project MOD003138 Module
Postgraduate Major Project MOD003490 Module
Power, Duties and Accountability in Social Work MOD002159 Module
Powers, Duties and Accountability in Professional Social Work MOD002236 Module
Practice 1, Communication Skills and Partnership Working MOD002158 Module
Practice 2, Analytical Thinking and Decision Making MOD002200 Module
Practice Placement 1 MOD005135 Module
Practice Placement 2 MOD005138 Module
Preparation Skills for Practice MOD005134 Module
Primary Pedagogy 1: The Curriculum and Primary Teaching, Research Foundations MOD005358 Module
Primary Pedagogy 2: Creativity and the Humanities Subjects; Educational Research Methods MOD005363 Module
Primary Pedagogy 3: Specialist Focus Project MOD005369 Module
Professional Enquiry for Early Childhood MOD001381 Module
Professional Enquiry for Education MOD003706 Module
Professional Evidenced-based Enquiry MOD007353 Module
Research Methodology for Learning and Teaching MOD001539 Module
Researching Childhood MOD003538 Module
Rights, Risk and Resolution: For Social Workers and Social Care Professionals MOD003548 Module
Safeguarding Children MOD003768 Module
Safeguarding in Context MOD007807 Module
Safeguarding in Context with Adults MOD007824 Module
Safeguarding in Context with Children and Families MOD007823 Module
Social Work in Society MOD002121 Module
Social Work Knowledge, Values and Skills MOD002234 Module
Social Work Practice Education: Supervision and Assessment MOD002225 Module
Social Work with Adults MOD002141 Module
Social Work with Children and Families MOD002140 Module
Social Worker End Point Assessment – Strand Two MOD007051 Module
Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Disability in Context MOD004711 Module
Special Focus Project MOD005999 Module
Specialist Studies in Learning and Teaching MOD003705 Module
Standards and Skills for Social Work Practice 1 MOD007822 Module
Standards and Skills for Social Work Practice 1 MOD007805 Module
Standards and Skills for Social Work Practice 2 MOD007826 Module
Statutory Mental Health Practice (Approved Mental Health Professional) MOD005121 Module
Strategic Management in Education MOD003360 Module
Studying Education Research and Development MOD005994 Module
Subject Knowledge for Teaching 1: Early Language, Reading and Writing and Early Mathematical Concepts MOD005359 Module
Subject Knowledge for Teaching 1: Science and Technology MOD005360 Module
Subject Knowledge for Teaching 2: English and Mathematics 2 MOD005365 Module
Subject Knowledge for Teaching 2: Science and Technology 2 MOD005366 Module
Subject Knowledge for Teaching 3: The Wider Curriculum MOD006147 Module
Supporting Children's Learning 1:Comparing Curricula MOD007226 Module
Supporting Children’s Learning 1: Comparing Curricula MOD003769 Module
Supporting Children’s Learning 2: Promoting Early Childhood Provision MOD007227 Module
The Application of Theory to Social Work Practice MOD002120 Module
The Evidence-based Practitioner MOD007709 Module
The Professional Practitioner MOD005952 Module
The Reflective Practitioner MOD007352 Module
Theoretical Montessori Foundations MOD008016 Module
Transition in Professional Practice MOD002201 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD002203 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD003304 Module
Undergraduate Major Project (EPA– Strand One) MOD007050 Module
Universities a Contemporary Learning and Teaching Environments MOD006055 Module
Well-being Across the Life Course MOD003113 Module
Well-being Across the Life Course in a Diverse Society MOD002237 Module
What does social justice in the twenty first century mean? MOD007943 Module
Where do you belong in this city? MOD007490 Module
Who me?!!! Make a difference in my community? MOD007491 Module
Why all the fuss over hair? MOD007982 Module
Work Based Learning 1 - Professional Practice MOD003959 Module
Work Based Learning 2 - Professional Practice MOD001307 Module
Working with Families MOD005136 Module

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