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A Social History of Medicine in Europe, 1500-1750 MOD006117 Module
Academic English: Spoken Discourse MOD005211 Module
Academic English: Written Text MOD005212 Module
Advocacy in Health and Social Care MOD002123 Module
Applied Ethics MOD000696 Module
Black British Fiction MOD005869 Module
Capitalism in Crisis: The Depression and War in Europe MOD000771 Module
Capitalism, Power and the Discontented MOD005715 Module
Changing Context of Social Policy MOD002098 Module
Children's Literature and the Mimetic Tradition MOD005729 Module
Chinese (Mandarin) Foundation 1 MOD000286 Module
Chinese (Mandarin) Foundation 2 MOD000287 Module
Communication and Conflict MOD003644 Module
Comparing Welfare Systems MOD002101 Module
Constructing Languages for Science Fiction and Fantasy MOD006051 Module
Consumption and the World of Goods, 1550-1780 MOD006394 Module
Contemporary Issues in Social Policy MOD005971 Module
Contemporary Social Theory MOD000830 Module
Contemporary Work and Organisational Life MOD003031 Module
Crime and Place: Geographic Criminology and Crime Mapping MOD005957 Module
Criminology and Policing CRIM_AND_POLICE Subject
Cybercrime, Security and Policing MOD006198 Module
Digital Policing MOD005959 Module
Ecumenism in Theory and Practice MOD006405 Module
Elizabeth Gaskell and the Brontes MOD005872 Module
Employability for English Literature MOD005880 Module
End of Empires 1919-1997 MOD000770 Module
English Proficiency: Analysis and Genre MOD005213 Module
Enlightenment and Modernity: The Philosophical Legacy MOD000774 Module
Equality and Cultural Diversity at Work MOD003088 Module
Europe in the Age of the First World War MOD004132 Module
Experiencing God MOD000748 Module
Fantastic Fiction MOD005730 Module
Film and History MOD000639 Module
French Foundation 1 MOD000295 Module
French Foundation 2 MOD000296 Module
French Intermediate 1 MOD000297 Module
French Intermediate 2 MOD000298 Module
Gender and Sexuality in Britain: 1880s-1980s MOD004695 Module
German Foundation 1 MOD000274 Module
German Foundation 2 MOD000275 Module
German Intermediate 1 MOD000302 Module
German Intermediate 2 MOD000468 Module
Global English MOD003015 Module
History, Philosophy and Theology HST_PHL_AND_THL Subject
Independent Learning Module MOD004817 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004830 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004849 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004874 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004846 Module
Independent Learning Module MOD004818 Module
Intercultural Encounters in Global Cinema MOD000362 Module
Introduction to Social Science MOD000668 Module
Investigating Sexual Offences MOD004908 Module
Italian Foundation 1 MOD000292 Module
Italian Foundation 2 MOD000293 Module
Italian Intermediate 1 MOD005276 Module
Japanese Foundation 1 MOD000288 Module
Japanese Foundation 2 MOD000289 Module
Japanese Intermediate 1 MOD005277 Module
Japanese Intermediate 2 MOD005458 Module
Knowledge and Belief MOD000698 Module
Language and Gender MOD005209 Module
Law for Police Officers MOD004906 Module
Leadership and Management MOD004905 Module
Leading Public Service MOD000718 Module
Learning from Work Experience MOD000714 Module
Leisure and Popular Culture in Britain, 1800 to the Present MOD000744 Module
Literature and Exile: Displacement, Identity, Self MOD005220 Module
Literature, Language and Linguistics LIT_LAN_AND_LNG Subject
Modern Science Fiction MOD000423 Module
Myth and Medievalism MOD000345 Module
Nationalisms, Diasporas and Identities MOD000831 Module
Philosophies of Language and the Body MOD005210 Module
Philosophy Special Subject MOD005501 Module
Police and Counter-Terrorism MOD004909 Module
Policing and Crime Control MOD000712 Module
Political Ideologies and Social Controversies MOD000642 Module
Political Theory - a History MOD004773 Module
Politics and Social Media MOD004778 Module
Practical Policing MOD004899 Module
Publishing in Practice MOD005878 Module
Race, Racism and Resistance in Modern Britain since the Eighteenth Century MOD006395 Module
Renaissance Magic MOD005874 Module
Research in Social Policy MOD003292 Module
Research Methods MOD000518 Module
Researching Social Issues MOD000644 Module
Revolution and Reform in the Long Nineteenth Century MOD000519 Module
Romantic Idealism MOD005876 Module
Russia: Revolution and Reaction MOD000742 Module
Sex, Sex Offending and Society MOD000752 Module
Sex, Sex Offending and Society MOD005958 Module
Shakespeare and Society MOD000516 Module
Social Policy Internship MOD002126 Module
Social Problems, Politics and Policy Making in the UK MOD002111 Module
Social Sciences SOCIAL_SCIENCES Subject
Sociology and the Self MOD000643 Module
Sociology of Religion MOD006429 Module
Spanish Advanced 1 MOD000284 Module
Spanish Foundation 1 MOD000281 Module
Spanish Foundation 2 MOD000305 Module
Spanish Intermediate 1 MOD000306 Module
Spanish Intermediate 2 MOD000307 Module
Special Topic in Linguistics MOD005479 Module
Sport, Globalisation and International Politics MOD003483 Module
Terror as Crime MOD000829 Module
Thatcher and the New Right MOD004691 Module
The British Empire 1783-1919 MOD000709 Module
The Cold War: The World Divided MOD000745 Module
The Growth of the USA 1776-1900 MOD000710 Module
The History of the Book MOD003254 Module
The Human Condition MOD006392 Module
The United States in the Twentieth Century MOD000686 Module
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Fiction and Social Change MOD000517 Module
Understanding Public Service MOD000681 Module
Violence in Context MOD004443 Module
Violent Crime and Social Harm MOD002180 Module
War, Peace-Keeping and Military Intervention MOD003646 Module
Western Civilisation 2: Reformation to the Modern Age MOD000664 Module
Work Based Learning 1 MOD000669 Module
Work Based Learning 2 MOD000737 Module
Working in Public Service MOD000665 Module
World Literature MOD005873 Module
Writing World War One: Trauma, Memory, Resistance MOD005868 Module

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