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Advanced Approaches in Animal Management MOD002857 Module
Advanced Fire and Explosion Investigation MOD002891 Module
Advanced Forensic Methodologies MOD002915 Module
Advanced Programming Methods for Systems Biology and Visualisation MOD006203 Module
Animal Communication MOD006142 Module
Animal Form and Function MOD002735 Module
Animal Health and Disease MOD007180 Module
Animal Health and Nutrition MOD002785 Module
Animal Health and Nutrition for Veterinary Nursing MOD003752 Module
Animal Learning and Training MOD002822 Module
Animal Physiology and Behaviour MOD007176 Module
Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare MOD005755 Module
Applied Science for Forensic Investigators MOD006606 Module
Behavioural Ecology MOD002861 Module
Behavioural Ecology and Conservation MOD003367 Module
Better Business MOD003583 Module
Biogeography MOD002862 Module
Bioinformatics Software, Tools and Programming MOD006197 Module
Biological Bases of Behaviour MOD002787 Module
Biological Diversity MOD005195 Module
Biological Oceanography MOD002788 Module
Biological Research Skills MOD005464 Module
Biology BIOLOGY Subject
Biology of Cells MOD005191 Module
Biomeasurement MOD003070 Module
Biomedical Case Studies MOD002870 Module
Biomedical Science BIOMEDICAL_SCI Subject
Biomedical Specialisms 1: Epidemiology and Pathogenesis MOD005705 Module
Biomedical Specialisms 2: Diagnostics and Treatment MOD005706 Module
Biomolecules MOD005190 Module
Blood Sciences MOD007186 Module
Case Studies in Forensic and Investigative Sciences MOD005253 Module
Cellular Haematology MOD002964 Module
Chemical Criminalistics MOD002818 Module
Chemical Principles MOD005343 Module
Clinical Immunology MOD002885 Module
Cognition, Evolution and Behaviour MOD004966 Module
Communication Skills for Conservation MOD003368 Module
Communication Skills for Conservation MOD007691 Module
Comparative Physiology and Development Biology MOD007380 Module
Computational Methods and Algorithms MOD006191 Module
Contemporary Medical Diagnostics MOD003454 Module
Core Biology MOD007175 Module
Core Biology 1 MOD004894 Module
Core Biology 2 MOD004895 Module
Current Advances in Biomedical Science MOD002889 Module
Current Topics in Marine Ecology MOD006141 Module
Current Topics in Wildlife Conservation MOD005002 Module
Databases, Management and Analytics MOD006200 Module
Diagnostic Techniques in Pathology MOD003123 Module
Digital Forensics MOD005205 Module
Distributions Landscapes and Conservation MOD005246 Module
Do numbers lie? MOD007984 Module
Ecology MOD002734 Module
Evidence Collection and Management MOD002977 Module
Evidence-Based Policing MOD005204 Module
Evolution and Biodiversity MOD005179 Module
Evolutionary Bases of Behaviour MOD002790 Module
Field Skills in Biology MOD005468 Module
Forensic Analysis of Drugs and Poisons MOD002890 Module
Forensic Analytical Chemistry MOD005796 Module
Forensic Anthropology MOD005795 Module
Forensic Genetics MOD002851 Module
Forensic Pathology MOD005794 Module
Forensic Scene Examination MOD002817 Module
Forensic Science FORENSIC_SCI Subject
Forensic Spectroscopy Techniques MOD005797 Module
Foundations of Cell Biology MOD002741 Module
General Microbiology MOD002742 Module
General Pathology MOD002934 Module
GIS and Spatial Ecology MOD006460 Module
GIS and Spatial Ecology MOD007181 Module
GIS Tools for Biodiversity Mapping and Conservation MOD004089 Module
Governance and Behaviour Change MOD003582 Module
Group Tutorial - Animal and Environmental Biology - Level 4 MOD003794 Module
Group Tutorial - Animal and Environmental Biology - Level 5 MOD003795 Module
Group Tutorial - Animal and Environmental Biology - Level 6 MOD003796 Module
Group Tutorial - Biomedical, Molecular Science - Level 4 MOD003797 Module
Group Tutorial - Biomedical, Molecular Science - Level 5 MOD003798 Module
Group Tutorial - Biomedical, Molecular Science - Level 6 MOD003799 Module
Group Tutorial - Forensic Science and Chemistry - Level 4 MOD003803 Module
Group Tutorial - Forensic Science and Chemistry - Level 5 MOD003804 Module
Group Tutorial - Forensic Science and Chemistry - Level 6 MOD003805 Module
Human Anatomy and Physiology MOD007183 Module
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 MOD002739 Module
Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 MOD002740 Module
Human Anatomy and Physiology for Optometrists MOD005789 Module
Human Pathology MOD002877 Module
Human-Animal Interactions MOD002899 Module
Identification Techniques MOD002761 Module
Introduction to Animal Behaviour MOD002736 Module
Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology MOD002743 Module
Introduction to Bioinformatics and Data Science MOD006192 Module
Introduction to Biology and Forensic Chemistry MOD002745 Module
Introduction to Biology of Disease MOD005198 Module
Introduction to Cell Biology and Biochemistry MOD007184 Module
Introduction to Ecology and Conservation MOD007177 Module
Introduction to Evolution MOD005197 Module
Introduction to Fire Investigation MOD006137 Module
Introduction to Forensic and Investigative Sciences MOD005199 Module
Introduction to Forensic Methodologies MOD006607 Module
Introduction to forensic photography and methodologies MOD007188 Module
Introduction to Management in Biomedical Science MOD002933 Module
Introduction to Marine Biology MOD002737 Module
Introduction to Police and Forensic Photography MOD002748 Module
Introduction to Software Engineering MOD006193 Module
Introduction to Sustainability and Systems MOD003676 Module
Introduction to Wildlife and Conservation MOD002733 Module
Invertebrate Biology MOD002793 Module
Investigative Skills MOD006122 Module
Laboratory Techniques for Bioinformatics MOD006195 Module
Laboratory Techniques for the Biomedical Sciences MOD003075 Module
Laboratory Techniques in Applied Bioscience MOD002970 Module
Laboratory Techniques in DNA manipulation MOD007185 Module
Leading System Change MOD007725 Module
Major Investigations MOD002894 Module
Major Project MOD005401 Module
Mammalogy MOD002868 Module
Mammalogy MOD006609 Module
Management of Major Investigations MOD002923 Module
Marine and Terrestrial Communities MOD002789 Module
Marine Biology and Conservation MOD007182 Module
Mass Fatality Incidents MOD006138 Module
Mastering Forensic Analysis MOD003209 Module
Mastering Forensic Evidence MOD002976 Module
Masters Project MOD002978 Module
Masters Research Project MOD003487 Module
Masters Research Project MOD002979 Module
Mathematics and Statistics for Bioinformatics MOD006194 Module
Mathematics for the Biosciences MOD005667 Module
Maths for Science MOD005192 Module
Medical Genetics MOD003080 Module
Metabolism and its Control MOD002803 Module
Microbial Pathogenicity MOD002878 Module
Molecular Cell Biology MOD002875 Module
Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics MOD002971 Module
Moving Towards Mastery MOD002935 Module
Origins of Life MOD006140 Module
Personal and Professional Development – Level 4 MOD006604 Module
Personal and Professional Development – Level 5 MOD006605 Module
Personal Tutorial Group MOD003740 Module
Pharmacology and Translational Medicine MOD007187 Module
Physical and Quantitative Chemistry for Forensic Scientists MOD002746 Module
Physical Criminalistics MOD002778 Module
Physical Principles MOD005193 Module
Physiology MOD005194 Module
Police and Forensic Investigations MOD002855 Module
Population Ecology and Wildlife Management MOD002869 Module
Practical Applications of DNA-based Technologies MOD003370 Module
Practical Marine Biology MOD002887 Module
Practical Skills for Animal Behaviour MOD005467 Module
Preparation for Research MOD002797 Module
Principles of Biology MOD007178 Module
Principles of Genetics MOD002804 Module
Principles of Genetics and Evolution MOD004431 Module
Principles of Pathology MOD002800 Module
Professional and Ethical Practice MOD003455 Module
Project Preparation MOD002819 Module
Proteomics and Molecular Structure MOD006201 Module
Quantitative Techniques and Tools for Biologists MOD007179 Module
Research in Sustainability MOD005400 Module
Research Methods MOD003371 Module
Research Methods and Preparation MOD002950 Module
Research Methods in Biomedical Science MOD002936 Module
Specialised Topics in Forensic Science MOD002954 Module
Specialised Topics in Investigative Science MOD004984 Module
Specialist Topics in Biomedical Science MOD005740 Module
Study Tour: Understanding Biodiversity and Sustainability MOD003372 Module
Sustainable Land Management MOD007045 Module
System Pressures MOD003580 Module
Technology and Techniques in the Study of Animal Behaviour MOD003373 Module
The Physiology of Organ Systems MOD002801 Module
Translational Bioinformatics MOD006204 Module
Tropical Ecology and Management MOD004088 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD002931 Module
Undergraduate Project MOD002929 Module
Undergraduate Project MOD004875 Module
Understanding the Bioinformatics Workplace MOD006196 Module
Understanding the Work Sector MOD006007 Module
United Kingdom Legal Systems and Law for Forensic Scientists MOD002747 Module
Vertebrate Biology MOD002799 Module
Visiting the Tropics (Timetabling module) MOD004128 Module
Wildlife Conservation MOD003237 Module
Work Placement (Biomedical and Forensic Sciences) MOD005123 Module
Work Placement (Life Sciences) MOD004965 Module
Working Towards Change MOD003584 Module
X1 Group Tutorial - Biomedical, Molecular Science - Level 4 (JAN starters) MOD006344 Module
X1 Group Tutorial - Biomedical, Molecular Science - Level 4 (SEPT starters) MOD006343 Module
Zoos and Zoo Animal Management MOD003077 Module

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