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Name Code Type
Animal Health and Nutrition MOD002785 Module
Animal Health and Nutrition for Veterinary Nursing MOD003752 Module
Biological Diversity MOD005195 Module
Biology BIOLOGY Subject
Biology of Cells MOD005191 Module
Biomedical Science BIOMEDICAL_SCI Subject
Biomolecules MOD005190 Module
Case Studies in Forensic and Investigative Sciences MOD005253 Module
Cellular Haematology MOD002964 Module
Chemical Principles MOD005343 Module
Forensic Science FORENSIC_SCI Subject
Identification Techniques MOD002761 Module
Introduction to Biology and Forensic Chemistry MOD002745 Module
Introduction to Biology of Disease MOD005198 Module
Introduction to Evolution MOD005197 Module
Introduction to Forensic and Investigative Sciences MOD005199 Module
Maths for Science MOD005192 Module
Physical Principles MOD005193 Module
Physiology MOD005194 Module
Understanding the Work Sector MOD006007 Module

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