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Academic Skills MOD003701 Module
Academic Skills MOD004444 Module
Action Research in a Third Sector Organisation MOD003545 Module
Advanced Management Practice MOD006042 Module
Advanced Professional Practice Research Problem and Theory MOD008119 Module
Advanced Research Methods in a Business Context MOD008120 Module
Advanced Strategic Management MOD004422 Module
Applied Leadership and Communications MOD007230 Module
Branding for the Future MOD007664 Module
Business and Employment Law MOD004421 Module
Business Innovation MOD007195 Module
Business Law MOD004419 Module
Business Research Methods MOD004137 Module
Business Research Methods MOD004494 Module
Business to Business Marketing MOD004495 Module
Can we design a better future? MOD007993 Module
Career Development and Employability MOD006077 Module
Career Management and Development 1 MOD001038 Module
Commercial and Organisational Awareness and Analysis MOD001044 Module
Consumer Behaviour MOD001176 Module
Contemporary Issues for Leadership and Innovation MOD001059 Module
Contemporary Issues in HRM: Problems, Scenarios and Solutions MOD007555 Module
Contemporary Issues in Leadership and Management MOD004525 Module
Contemporary Issues in Work and Society MOD005770 Module
Corporate Governance and Risk Management MOD006439 Module
Creating Impact Through Compelling and Visual Content MOD005983 Module
Critical Organisational and Leadership Insights MOD003051 Module
Current Approaches to Management Research MOD006044 Module
Current Issues in Events MOD005664 Module
Current Issues in Tourism MOD004397 Module
Current Themes in Marketing MOD006094 Module
Data and Analytics for the Digital Marketer MOD005979 Module
Data Centre Infrastructure Management, Security and Disaster Recovery MOD004522 Module
Data Centre Leadership MOD004519 Module
Decision Making in Critical Services MOD004524 Module
Degree Apprenticeship Portfolio (Level 4) MOD006750 Module
Degree Apprenticeship Portfolio (Level 5) MOD006751 Module
Degree Apprenticeship Portfolio (Level 6) MOD006752 Module
Degree Apprenticeship Portfolio (Level 7) MOD007688 Module
Designing, Delivering and Evaluating Learning and Development Provision MOD000997 Module
Developing a Proposition MOD007665 Module
Developing Content for Campaigns MOD005980 Module
Developing Professional Practice and Using Information in HR MOD001181 Module
Developing Professional Practice and Using Information in HR MOD004664 Module
Developing Professional Practice and Using Information in HR MOD007387 Module
Digital Business and Principles of Marketing MOD007190 Module
Digital Marketing MOD004487 Module
Digital Marketing Communications MOD004053 Module
Digital Sales and Marketing MOD001203 Module
Effective Team and Performance Management MOD003554 Module
Employment Law MOD003700 Module
Employment Law MOD004665 Module
Employment Law MOD000951 Module
Employment Law and Relations MOD007201 Module
Employment Relations MOD004666 Module
Employment Relations MOD003059 Module
Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management MOD004496 Module
Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management MOD003477 Module
Entrepreneurial Action MOD005581 Module
Entrepreneurial Action MOD007666 Module
Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Realities MOD001036 Module
Entrepreneurship and Innovation MOD004676 Module
Entrepreneurship and Innovation MOD001093 Module
Entrepreneurship and Small Firm Marketing MOD005718 Module
Equality Diversity and Inclusion MOD005719 Module
Essentials of Marketing Research MOD006158 Module
Evaluating Campaign Impact MOD005985 Module
Events and Tourism Policy MOD005665 Module
Financial and Professional Services Marketing MOD004488 Module
Financial Management in the Third Sector MOD000904 Module
Food and Drink Tourism and Events MOD005662 Module
Foundations of Leadership and Management MOD005492 Module
Foundations of Leadership Studies MOD007197 Module
Global Human Resource Management MOD000999 Module
Heritage and Cultural Tourism MOD004399 Module
Heritage, Cultural and Gastronomy Tourism MOD007237 Module
Hospitality Management MOD004118 Module
HRM and Organisational Capability Development MOD004523 Module
HRM for Managers and Leaders in the Global Context MOD006434 Module
HRM in Context and Reward Management MOD007202 Module
HRM Research Methods MOD007549 Module
Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour HUM_RES_MGT_OB Subject
Human Resource Management in Context MOD004663 Module
Human Resource Management in Context MOD001183 Module
Human Resource Management in the Third Sector MOD000906 Module
Human Resource Management Practice MOD001230 Module
Human Resources Management and Leadership MOD004049 Module
Improving Organisational Performance MOD001182 Module
Independent Learning Module (Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour) MOD005184 Module
Independent Learning Module (Marketing, Enterprise and Tourism) MOD003047 Module
Independent Learning Module (Marketing, Enterprise and Tourism) MOD005255 Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship MOD007668 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications MOD007669 Module
International and Comparative HRM MOD001190 Module
International and Comparative HRM MOD004659 Module
International Intercultural Management MOD007389 Module
International Marketing MOD001194 Module
International Marketing MOD004482 Module
International Marketing (Postgraduate) MOD001220 Module
International Marketing and Brand Management MOD004152 Module
Intrapreneurial Action (Work Placement) MOD007670 Module
Introduction to Business Contracts and the Law MOD007189 Module
Introduction to Campaign Planning MOD005978 Module
Introduction to Digital Marketing and Campaign Planning MOD007229 Module
Introduction to Organisations and Management MOD004220 Module
Introduction to People, Organisations and Management MOD000921 Module
Introduction to Tourism and Events MOD004393 Module
Investigating a Business Issue from a Human Resources Perspective MOD000998 Module
Key Account Management MOD001186 Module
Leadership and Change MOD004453 Module
Leadership and Change in the Corporate Environment MOD006440 Module
Leadership Development MOD005494 Module
Leadership Development MOD006088 Module
Leadership in Contemporary Organisations MOD004424 Module
Leadership In Practice MOD003041 Module
Leadership Self Awareness MOD001023 Module
Leadership Values and Behaviours 1 MOD001056 Module
Leadership Values and Behaviours 2 MOD003052 Module
Leadership, Organisational Planning and Performance MOD004426 Module
Leading a Change Initiative MOD001043 Module
Leading Teams MOD001024 Module
Live Events Management MOD005663 Module
Live Events Project MOD005666 Module
Management and Strategy MOD007671 Module
Managing Disruptive Innovation MOD006442 Module
Managing Employee Relations MOD003223 Module
Managing Employee Reward MOD003550 Module
Managing Human Resource and Improving Organisational Performance MOD007388 Module
Managing Human Resources MOD001180 Module
Managing Human Resources and Improving Organisational Performance MOD004418 Module
Managing People MOD005128 Module
Managing People, Customers and Markets MOD000915 Module
Managing Performance MOD001025 Module
Managing Profitability, Liquidity and Asset Utilisation MOD006443 Module
Managing Projects and Organisational Change MOD000939 Module
Marketing Communications MOD004223 Module
Marketing Communications MOD007203 Module
Marketing Consultancy MOD003058 Module
Marketing Essentials MOD001027 Module
Marketing for Third Sector Organisations MOD000905 Module
Marketing Major Project MOD007677 Module
Marketing Management MOD001228 Module
Marketing Planning MOD004454 Module
Marketing Research MOD001225 Module
Marketing Strategy Simulation MOD004153 Module
Marketing Tourism and Events MOD005582 Module
Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Tourism MRK_ENT_AND_TSM Subject
Organisational Behaviour MOD007193 Module
Organisational Behaviour MOD004679 Module
Organisational Behaviour MOD001120 Module
Organisational Behaviour (Management and Leadership) MOD007689 Module
Organisational Change Management MOD003478 Module
Organisational Contexts and Performance MOD001065 Module
Organisational Psychology in a Social Context MOD007554 Module
Personal and Digital Branding MOD007663 Module
Play and Create MOD007231 Module
Postgraduate Major Project MOD001168 Module
Postgraduate Major Project MOD001170 Module
Postgraduate Major Project MOD007550 Module
Postgraduate Major Project (Business Administration) MOD004448 Module
Postgraduate Major Project (Human Resource Management) MOD004449 Module
Postgraduate Major Project (Management) MOD005129 Module
Postgraduate Major Project (Marketing) MOD005131 Module
Postgraduate Major Project (Tourism and Hospitality) MOD005130 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement (Brand Management) MOD007726 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement (Marketing & Tourism) MOD006090 Module
Postgraduate Work Placement (SOM) MOD006958 Module
Practicing Sustainable Business MOD004398 Module
Principles of Event Management MOD007233 Module
Principles of Marketing MOD004174 Module
Principles of Marketing Management MOD007662 Module
Principles of Marketing Management MOD004151 Module
Professional and Organisational Development MOD005057 Module
Prototype and Testing MOD007232 Module
Reflections on Practice and Career Progression MOD003043 Module
Research Design and Implementation MOD006045 Module
Retail and Experiential Marketing MOD007235 Module
Retail and Shopper Marketing MOD004423 Module
Retail Marketing MOD001195 Module
Reward Management MOD001199 Module
Reward Management MOD004667 Module
Sales in Strategic Perspective MOD001201 Module
Sales Major Project MOD001204 Module
Scaling Up and Growing Impact MOD003546 Module
Senior Leaders Final Work-Based Project MOD007476 Module
Social Enterprise MOD000920 Module
Social Enterprise Theory and Practice MOD007481 Module
Social Impact Assessment MOD000907 Module
Specialist Events Planning MOD007234 Module
Strategic Brand Management MOD004489 Module
Strategic HRM in a Global Context MOD007551 Module
Strategic Leadership MOD001150 Module
Strategic Management MOD004417 Module
Strategic Management MOD001115 Module
Strategic Management MOD004675 Module
Strategic Management MOD000955 Module
Strategic Management MOD007205 Module
Strategic Management Analysis MOD001074 Module
Strategic Management in Action MOD001067 Module
Strategy and Information Management MOD006438 Module
Strategy, Value and Change MOD001079 Module
Sustainability and Responsible Business MOD007238 Module
Sustainable Design for High Capacity Data Centres MOD004521 Module
Sustainable Events Management MOD007239 Module
Sustainable Tourism and Events Management MOD004394 Module
Sustainable Tourism Management MOD007240 Module
The Entrepreneurial Journey MOD007196 Module
The Entrepreneurial Mindset MOD007672 Module
The Experiential Consumer MOD007673 Module
The International Customer MOD001200 Module
Third Sector Leadership and Management MOD000919 Module
Tourism and Events Business Management MOD004228 Module
Tourism and Events Field Study MOD004395 Module
Tourism Management and Innovation MOD007236 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD001086 Module
Undergraduate Major Project (Business and Organisations) MOD004670 Module
Undergraduate Major Project (Business) MOD004486 Module
Undergraduate Major Project (Desk-Based) MOD005604 Module
Undergraduate Major Project (Marketing) MOD004490 Module
Undergraduate Major Project HROB MOD007386 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MET MOD007292 Module
Understanding Consumers MOD006157 Module
Understanding Consumers and the Customer Journey MOD005982 Module
Understanding Management Theory MOD006043 Module
Understanding the Consumer MOD007199 Module
Understanding Work Based Learning and Your Work Sector MOD000914 Module
Undertaking the Campaign MOD005984 Module
Work and Employment in a Social Context MOD007552 Module
Work Based Major Project MOD000958 Module
Work Based Practice MOD000918 Module
Work Based Project MOD000940 Module
Work Based Project Impact and Review MOD000956 Module
Work Placement (Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour) MOD005261 Module
Work Placement (Leadership and Management) MOD005258 Module
Work Placement (School of Management) MOD005262 Module
Work Placement Major Project (Business Administration) MOD006152 Module

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