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Advanced Coach Placement MOD006240 Module
Advanced Coaching Concepts MOD006809 Module
Advanced Modalities in Sport and Exercise Science MOD004637 Module
Advanced Ophthalmic Lenses MOD003189 Module
Advanced Strength and Conditioning MOD005678 Module
Advanced Work Placement MOD005674 Module
Advances in Adult Audiology MOD004201 Module
Analysing Performance in Sport MOD007160 Module
Anatomy and Joint Assessment for Sports Therapists MOD006498 Module
Anatomy and Physiology MOD005669 Module
Application of Football Data MOD003593 Module
Applied Biomechanics MOD005684 Module
Applied Consumer Psychology MOD005412 Module
Applied Football Development MOD006256 Module
Applied Performance Analysis MOD005679 Module
Applied Research and Employability MOD005693 Module
Applied Research Skills MOD007159 Module
Applied Research Skills MOD005694 Module
Applied Sport Pedagogy MOD005294 Module
Applied Sport Psychology MOD005695 Module
Applied Sport Psychology for the Football Coach MOD003589 Module
Applied Sports Therapy MOD006500 Module
Applied Teaching and Coaching MOD004111 Module
Atypical Development MOD002526 Module
Audiological Assessment 1 MOD002447 Module
Audiological Assessment 2 MOD002477 Module
Auditory Rehabilitation MOD002478 Module
Basic Sciences for Audiology MOD002466 Module
Becoming a Researcher MOD007049 Module
Becoming a Researcher - Designing Research MOD005722 Module
Becoming a Researcher - Using Data MOD005723 Module
Biomechanics: Analysis of Motion MOD005681 Module
Biopsychology MOD003192 Module
Biopsychology (Level 7) MOD006757 Module
Care and Aftercare in Contact Lens Wear MOD005405 Module
Clinical and Health Psychology MOD007071 Module
Clinical Competencies in Audiology MOD006247 Module
Clinical Formulation and Treatment MOD004236 Module
Clinical Optometry 1 - Introduction to Optometric Practice MOD007288 Module
Clinical Optometry 2 - Skills for Optometric Practice MOD003188 Module
Clinical Optometry 3 - Introduction to Professional Practice MOD002480 Module
Clinical Optometry 4 - Advanced Optometric Practice MOD007302 Module
Clinical Optometry 5 - Professional Practice MOD007303 Module
Clinical Optometry 6 – Advanced Contact Lens Practice MOD007304 Module
Clinical Psychology MOD006133 Module
Coaching Philosophy and Ethics MOD005677 Module
Coaching Youth Football MOD006257 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience MOD007073 Module
Cognitive Neuroscience of Well-Being MOD004723 Module
Collecting and Evaluating Sport Science Data in Coaching MOD003610 Module
Communication Skills in the Optical Sector MOD003641 Module
Conditioning for Football MOD003591 Module
Consumer Analysis MOD005413 Module
Consumer Psychology MOD002525 Module
Contact Lenses and Pathological Conditions MOD002474 Module
Contemporary Issues and Communication in Sport and Exercise MOD006810 Module
Contemporary Issues in Football MOD003607 Module
Contemporary Issues in Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology MOD005686 Module
Contemporary Social Psychology MOD002509 Module
Contemporary Social Psychology (Level 7) MOD006758 Module
Culture and Health MOD007072 Module
Current Theoretical Issues in Cognitive Neuroscience MOD002537 Module
Current Topics in Biomechanics MOD007161 Module
Developing Performance MOD005675 Module
Diagnosis and Formulation in Mental Health MOD002515 Module
Diagnosis and Treatment in Clinical Child Psychology MOD002539 Module
Emotion MOD002520 Module
Essential Research Methods MOD006811 Module
Exercise Medicine MOD005687 Module
Exercise Physiology and Nutrition MOD005670 Module
Final Practical Dispensing MOD002495 Module
First Year Meeting LEVEL 4 MOD003586 Module
Football Across the Lifespan MOD006241 Module
Football and Society MOD006258 Module
Football Event Management MOD006259 Module
Football Finance MOD003609 Module
Forensic Psychology MOD002521 Module
Fostering Wellbeing in the Self MOD004674 Module
Foundation Skills in Sport and Exercise Therapy MOD006497 Module
Functional Rehabilitation MOD006515 Module
Functional Rehabilitation - SST MOD006499 Module
Fundamentals of Cognitive Psychology MOD002500 Module
Fundamentals of Sports Science in Coaching MOD003594 Module
Fundamentals of Sports Science in Coaching 1 MOD006251 Module
Fundamentals of Sports Science in Coaching 2 MOD006252 Module
Further Ophthalmic Lenses MOD003639 Module
Geometric Optics and Ophthalmic Lenses MOD002444 Module
Geometrical and Visual Optics MOD007289 Module
Geometrical Optics MOD002449 Module
Global Coaching Perspectives MOD006242 Module
Group Tutorial - Level 4 MOD003791 Module
Group Tutorial - Level 5 MOD003792 Module
Group Tutorial - Level 6 MOD003793 Module
Groups in Conflict: Social Psychological Issues MOD003207 Module
Gym Instructor MOD006514 Module
Hearing Aid Technology 1 MOD002446 Module
Hearing Aid Technology 2 MOD002487 Module
Hearing in Children MOD004200 Module
Human and Functional Ocular Anatomy MOD002476 Module
Human and Ocular Anatomy MOD002459 Module
Human and Ocular Anatomy MOD003493 Module
Imaging and Diagnostics in Cognitive Neuroscience MOD002536 Module
Implantable Hearing Devices MOD004199 Module
Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation MOD003602 Module
Interdisciplinary Working in Sport and Exercise MOD006812 Module
Interpretation and Integration of Sports Science Data for Coaching MOD006260 Module
Interpretation of Sports Science Data for Coaching MOD003605 Module
Introduction to Clinical and Health Psychology MOD002505 Module
Introduction to Contact Lens Practice MOD002472 Module
Introduction to Exercise Science MOD005200 Module
Introduction to Football Business MOD006250 Module
Introduction to Human Movement MOD005671 Module
Introduction to Ocular Disease MOD002479 Module
Introduction to Ophthalmic Dispensing with Mathematics MOD003495 Module
Introduction to Ophthalmic Lenses MOD002451 Module
Introduction to Positive Psychology MOD004672 Module
Introduction to Practice Management with Communication Skills MOD005776 Module
Introduction to Sports Coaching and Development MOD007157 Module
Introduction to Sports Coaching and Psychology MOD005196 Module
Issues in Child Development and Social Psychology MOD002502 Module
Issues in Scientific Research MOD002535 Module
Issues in the Professional Practice of Psychology MOD002514 Module
Language and Thought MOD002523 Module
Language and Thought (Level 7) MOD006760 Module
Leadership in Football MOD003608 Module
Learning and Skills Development for HE and Work MOD002458 Module
Learning and Skills Development for HE and Work (Audiology) MOD002457 Module
Learning, Memory and Perception MOD002511 Module
Learning, Memory and Perception (Level 7) MOD006762 Module
Lifespan Development MOD002529 Module
Lifespan Development MOD006613 Module
Lifespan Development (Level 7) MOD006761 Module
Low Vision Assessment and Management MOD002475 Module
Low Vision Management and Assessment MOD003492 Module
Major Project (Positive Psychology) MOD004733 Module
Managing People with Specialist Needs MOD004198 Module
Mental Health and Distress: Approaches to Assessment and Diagnosis MOD004235 Module
Mentoring and Learning in Coaching MOD006615 Module
Mind and Behaviour MOD007053 Module
Monocular, Binocular and Paediatric Vision MOD002481 Module
MSc Dissertation Study Support MOD006447 Module
Multidisciplinary Sport and Exercise Science 1 MOD007155 Module
Multidisciplinary Sport and Exercise Science 2 MOD007156 Module
Neuropsychology MOD002519 Module
Nutrition for Health and Exercise MOD005682 Module
Ophthalmic Dispensing Part 1 MOD002489 Module
Ophthalmic Dispensing Part 2 MOD002490 Module
Ophthalmic Lenses 2 MOD002473 Module
Optical Professionalism MOD007290 Module
Optics of the Eye MOD002450 Module
Optional MSc Student Study Support MOD002541 Module
Optometry, Society and the Environment MOD002493 Module
Organisation and Structure of Sport MOD005672 Module
Pathology for Audiology MOD002445 Module
Pedagogical Principles in Sport MOD006003 Module
Perceptual Motor Skills MOD004110 Module
Performance Analysis MOD005673 Module
Performance Analysis in Football MOD003604 Module
Performance and Exercise Nutrition MOD005696 Module
Personality, Intelligence and Psychometrics MOD002513 Module
Personality, Intelligence and Psychometrics (Level 7) MOD006759 Module
Pharmacology and Pathology MOD002488 Module
Physical Education and School Sport MOD006243 Module
Physiological Basis of Training MOD005688 Module
Physiological Profiling for Endurance MOD005691 Module
Physiological Profiling for Strength and Power MOD005692 Module
Physiological Responses to Training MOD005689 Module
Player Scouting and Recruiting MOD006244 Module
Positive Child Development MOD004724 Module
Positive Performance MOD004727 Module
Positive Psychology for Practitioners MOD004729 Module
Positive Social Connection MOD004730 Module
Positive Society MOD004731 Module
Practical Competencies in Biomechanics MOD005683 Module
Practical Delivery of Sport and Physical Education MOD007158 Module
Practical Procedures for the Hearing Care Assistant MOD002469 Module
Practice Management and Ocular Pathology MOD002496 Module
Preliminary Ophthalmic Dispensing with Mathematics MOD002465 Module
Professional Development - Level 4 MOD006006 Module
Professional Development - Level 5 MOD006018 Module
Professional Practice in Contact Lenses I MOD005406 Module
Psychological Profiling for Sport MOD004109 Module
Psychological Therapies MOD002528 Module
Psychology PSYCHOLOGY Subject
Psychology Dissertation MOD002540 Module
Psychology in the Workplace MOD005721 Module
Psychology Project MOD002531 Module
Psychology Thesis MOD002532 Module
Qualitative Research Methods MOD002534 Module
Quantitative Research Methods MOD002533 Module
Reflective Practice and Applied Pedagogy in Football MOD003590 Module
Reflective Practice and Applied Pedagogy in Football MOD006253 Module
Refractive Management MOD002486 Module
Refractive Management and Methods of Ocular Examination MOD003496 Module
Rehabilitation for Performance MOD006517 Module
Research in Action: Qualitative Methods and Psychology in Practice MOD006619 Module
Research in Action: Qualitative Methods and Psychology in Practice (Level 7) MOD006756 Module
Research in Action: Statistical Thinking MOD006618 Module
Research in Action: Statistical Thinking (Level 7) MOD006755 Module
Research Methods for Psychology (Online) MOD004896 Module
Research Methods for Sport and Exercise MOD004107 Module
Research Project MOD006813 Module
Research Project: Pilot Testing and Development MOD004641 Module
Research Project: Planning and Development MOD006815 Module
Research Project: Planning and Development MOD004638 Module
Research Techniques for Psychology MOD002518 Module
Research Techniques for Psychology: Methods MOD002516 Module
Second Year Meeting LEVEL 5 MOD003587 Module
Selection and Fitting of Contact Lenses MOD005404 Module
Self and Society MOD007052 Module
Sex, Sexuality and Gender MOD003524 Module
Social and Developmental Psychology MOD002503 Module
Specialised Professional Practice MOD003118 Module
Sport & Exercise Sciences Tutorial - Level 4 MOD002981 Module
Sport & Exercise Sciences Tutorial - Level 5 MOD002982 Module
Sport & Exercise Sciences Tutorial - Level 6 MOD002983 Module
Sport and Exercise Psychology MOD003071 Module
Sport Development MOD006017 Module
Sport Psychology for the Football Coach MOD006254 Module
Sports and Exercise Sciences SPRT_AND_EX_SCI Subject
Strategic Football Development MOD006245 Module
Strategic Sport Development MOD005680 Module
Strength and Conditioning MOD005697 Module
Stress and Stress Management MOD007056 Module
Study Skills for Dispensing Opticians MOD005270 Module
Talent Development Pathways in Football MOD005798 Module
Talent Identification and Development in Sport MOD005676 Module
Team Management MOD006246 Module
Technical and Tactical Principles of Coaching 1 MOD006255 Module
Technical and Tactical Principles of Coaching in Football II MOD006248 Module
Technical Principles of Coaching MOD003592 Module
Technology in Football MOD006249 Module
The Psychology of Everyday Life MOD003191 Module
Theoretical and Practical Ophthalmic Lenses MOD002467 Module
Theoretical Aspects of Biomechanics MOD005690 Module
Theoretical Foundations in Psychology MOD002504 Module
Third Year Meeting LEVEL 6 MOD003588 Module
Tinnitus Assessment and Management MOD004197 Module
Topics in Clinical Child Psychology MOD002538 Module
Undergraduate Major Project MOD002497 Module
Undergraduate Research Project MOD006021 Module
Understanding the Work Sector MOD002453 Module
Understanding the Work Sector (Audiology) MOD002455 Module
Vocational, Recreational and Paediatric Dispensing MOD003640 Module
Work Based Learning 1 MOD002454 Module
Work Based Learning 2 MOD002492 Module
Work Based Learning 2 - Communication Skills in the Work Sector MOD003517 Module
Work Based Major Project MOD006814 Module
Work Placement (Psychology and Sport Sciences) MOD006362 Module
Work-Based Learning (Audiology) MOD002456 Module

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