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Name Code Type
Advanced Modalities in Sport and Exercise Science MOD004637 Module
Applied Sport Psychology for the Football Coach MOD003589 Module
Contemporary Issues in Football MOD003607 Module
Developing Performance MOD005675 Module
Football Finance MOD003609 Module
Fundamentals of Sports Science in Coaching MOD003594 Module
Interpretation of Sports Science Data for Coaching MOD003605 Module
Introduction to Exercise Science MOD005200 Module
Introduction to Sports Coaching and Psychology MOD005196 Module
Issues in the Professional Practice of Psychology MOD002514 Module
MSc Dissertation Study Support MOD006447 Module
Psychology PSYCHOLOGY Subject
Psychology Thesis MOD002532 Module
Reflective Practice and Applied Pedagogy in Football MOD003590 Module
Research Project: Pilot Testing and Development MOD004641 Module
Research Project: Planning and Development MOD004638 Module
Research Techniques for Psychology MOD002518 Module
Sports and Exercise Sciences SPRT_AND_EX_SCI Subject
Technical Principles of Coaching MOD003592 Module
Theoretical Aspects of Biomechanics MOD005690 Module

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