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3D Computer Generated Imagery MOD005804 Module
Approaches to Drawing MOD000081 Module
Building Technology in Interior Design MOD003569 Module
Contemporary Digital Approaches MOD000147 Module
Creative Research and Design Development MOD000126 Module
Design for the Screen MOD003570 Module
Design: Conceptual Fashion and Materiality MOD000180 Module
Design: Contemporary Issues and Design Practice MOD000179 Module
Digital Media 1 MOD002991 Module
Digital Media 2 MOD000169 Module
Digital Media Design MOD005800 Module
Digital Media Specialised Practice MOD005805 Module
Experimental Practice MOD000082 Module
Fashion Design and Brand MOD004441 Module
Fashion Promotion MOD006938 Module
Fashion Sportswear MOD003621 Module
Fashion Thinking: Design, Visual and Material Culture MOD000127 Module
Fine Art Practice 1 MOD000133 Module
Fine Art Practice 2 MOD000196 Module
Fine Art Practice 3 MOD000202 Module
Foundation in Art and Design MOD006805 Module
Graphic Design for the Web MOD000166 Module
History of Digital Media MOD005749 Module
Images Today MOD000084 Module
Installation Practice MOD000136 Module
Interactive Environments MOD005802 Module
Interior Design Studio 1 MOD000128 Module
Interior Design Studio 2 MOD000129 Module
Interior Design Studio 3 MOD000181 Module
Interior Design Studio 4 MOD000182 Module
Interior Design Studio 5 MOD000209 Module
Introduction to Creative Digital Media MOD005799 Module
Introduction to Photographic Studio Practice MOD005577 Module
Major Project MOD000212 Module
Major Project: Digital Media MOD006855 Module
Major Project: Fashion Design MOD006856 Module
Major Project: Fine Art MOD006857 Module
Major Project: Interior Design MOD006861 Module
Major Project: Photography MOD006862 Module
Masters Project: Art and Design MOD003003 Module
Pattern Cutting & Construction 2 MOD003622 Module
Photographic Portfolio Practice MOD006897 Module
Photographic Practice and Context 2 MOD005578 Module
Photography: Multimedia Practice MOD005579 Module
Photography: Post Production Workflow MOD005576 Module
Photography: Professional Development MOD005580 Module
Printmaking: Materials Processes and Ideas MOD000148 Module
Printmaking: Photographic Processes MOD000149 Module
Professional Portfolio and Pre-collection MOD000211 Module
Site-Specific Work MOD000137 Module
Spatial Drawing MOD000095 Module
The Lit Environment MOD003571 Module
Time-Based Media MOD000146 Module
Visual Communication and Portfolio MOD006937 Module

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